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Devmanus: Ajit’s Fingerprint Match Has Led A Breakthrough In Investigation, All Eyes On Divya’s Next Move!

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May 17, 2021

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Recently, Divya found a match of Ajit’s fingerprints at Reshma’s house and this might lead the latter in deep trouble. Here’s how this cliffhanger moment might unfold!

The new-age content on television introduced us to an array of thriller shows that are entertaining as well as intriguing. And the audience does love to drool over these gripping stories. From ‘full-of-twist’ plotlines to devilishly charming villains, these thriller TV shows have everything to offer. Similarly, Zee Marathi’s Devmanus has been ‘one of its kind’ when it comes to thriller shows on television. The show has become a great pick for the viewers essaying the devious escapades of Dr. Ajit, a modern-age villain.

Throughout this episodic saga, the viewers have been rooting for heroic personas like Saro Ajji, Manjula, and ACP Divya. And on the other hand, Ajit has always managed to forge a great escape with his epic yet cruel plans. Ultimately, this blend has made the show more gripping and entertaining. And now, the recent happenings have yet again got the show at a cliffhanger moment.

Recently, Divya found a match of Ajit’s fingerprints at Reshma’s house and this might lead the latter in deep trouble. So, here’s what can happen ahead.

Ajit’s Thorough Interrogation

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Source: ZEE5

The fingerprint match will come out as substantial evidence against Ajit and this will lead Divya to take some prominent actions. She can further interrogate Ajit without any restrictions. Though Ajit would stay firm with his good-boy act, there are many crucial pieces of evidence against him that can lead him into Divya’s trap.

Also, more importantly, Divya is tracing back the relatives of all the victims. So, from Aparna’s uncle to Manju’s husband, there are ample testimonies that would get Ajit in big trouble.

A Threat To All Victims?

A still from Devmanus
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Finally, Divya’s investigation has got a big breakthrough with Ajit’s fingerprint match. To be precise, this is just the beginning of the mystery that lays behind the serial killings amid the village. Divya has been suspicious of Ajit’s acts but she’s definitely unaware of his involvement in the murderous happenings. However, with the investigation in a crucial phase, she might soon discover the common link between Ajit and all the victims.

This will lead to an unexpected turn in the show. It remains to be seen how Ajit might plan to escape through it.

Villagers Upending The Game!

A still from Devmanus
Source: ZEE5

The only thing that can help Ajit escape from Divya’s trap is his ‘Devmanus’ (Demigod) imagery. The villagers blindly trust him and treat him as a god’s messenger. Also, Bajya and Namya are loyal to Ajit. Taking their help, Ajit can create a tense situation in the village with all the villagers going against Divya. This might lead to more problems in the investigation, ultimately giving Ajit an upper hand in this case.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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