Devmanus: Ajit Forges Ranjit’s Suicide Note, Reasons Why ACP Divya Might Be In Trouble!

After framing Ranjit’s murder as a suicide, Ajit cleverly wrote a phony suicide note. And here’s why ACP Divya might have to suffer from its outcome.

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March 23, 2021



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Thrillers have been an understated genre on television. While the small screens are populated with stories of romance and family dramas, the audience always craves a nail-biting thriller. It not only keeps them intrigued but also gives them an insight into the dark underbelly of society. In a similar instance, Zee Marathi treated the viewers with an engaging and realistic suspense-driven drama Devmanus. Right from the beginning, the show has kept the viewers hooked to their screens.

Apart from intriguing plotlines, the show has some exciting characters to root for. While Dr. Ajit has become the soul of the show, the heroic Saro Ajji entertains and inspires the viewers. And the writers of the show have weaved the storyline with ample twists and turns. Similarly, the recent happenings have yet against turned out to be in favour of Ajit. Inspector Ranjit who was all set to expose Ajit fell under his death trap. 

But amid this, Ajit has also cleverly trapped Divya. After framing the murder as a suicide, Ajit wrote a phony suicide note in the name of Ranjit. So, here’s taking a look at a few reasons why ACP Divya might be in trouble.

Divya And Ranjit’s Clash

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There have been many differences between the working of ACP Divya and Inspector Ranjit. This ultimately led to a battling equation between the both. However, they got along well while investigating the case of Devi Singh. But in one of the recent episodes, we saw an intoxicated Ranjit visiting Divya at the police station. And out of anger, Divya suspended him.

And using this as an opportunity Ajit forged Ranjit’s suicide note after brutally killing him. In the note, he blamed Divya for pressurizing Ranjit which led him to commit suicide. And this suicide note will work as fuel, creating problems in Divya’s professional as well as personal life.

The Spread Of Rumours

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The news of Ranjit’s suicide has taken all the villagers in a state of shock. However, the village gossips have begun within no time, framing Divya as the main reason behind Ranjit’s death. The talks about work pressure and the case indirectly targeting Divya have emotionally broken her down.

Remember how the villagers got together against Manjula, making her an outcast. Though this might not happen with Divya, she has ultimately been labeled as the culprit.

Chaos In The Investigation

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Divya was transferred to the village to find the culprit behind the tragic serial killings. Though her investigation was on the right track but with Ranjit’s death, she might land in trouble. She could be questioned by the authorities over her investigations. Also, the suicide note will be a cause of worry for her. Ultimately, this will help Ajit to once again escape the law.

It seems that this thriller has reached its epilogue and it would be interesting to see how the story proceeds ahead.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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