Devmanus: Ajit Aka Devi Singh Kidnaps Myra, Will We See ACP Divya’s Fierce Side?

Divya’s immense involvement in the Devi Singh case might bring troubles for Ajit. To get away from it, he kidnaps Myra, creating problems amidst Divya’s investigation. Here’s what can happen ahead.

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April 15, 2021



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Thrillers on television have always been a rare sight. While the audience does crave for suspense-driven dramas, the TV remains populated by romance and family stories. However, it seems that the golden age of small screens has just begun with new and conceptual stories. And Zee Marathi has been at the forefront when it comes to treating the audience with interesting yet relevant dramas. Saying so, its thriller drama Devmanus has been one of the most-hailed shows on television.

With an intriguing storyline and unpredictable characters, the show has kept the audience hooked to their screens. While Ajit’s devious character has been the soul of this nail-biting drama, ACP Divya’s entry has come out as a hope for the viewers. And the recent happenings in Devmanus have taken the drama to an emotional and tense peak. To distract Divya from her investigation, Ajit aka Devi Singh kidnaps her daughter Myra.

So, here’s taking a look at few twists we can expect ahead in the story.

Dimple’s Change Of Heart

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Divya opting for her police duty over Ajit made the latter quite furious. Also, Divya’s involvement in the Devi Singh case has brought light to many prominent pieces of evidence. And finding himself at the dead end, Ajit kidnapped Myra to indirectly put an end to Divya’s investigation. However, this has made Dimple quite upset as she opposed Ajit of his acts. Dimple has developed an immense love for Myra and there’s a possibility that she might rescue Myra from Ajit’s trap.

Dimple has already landed in deep trouble due to Ajit’s antics. This might be her opportunity to retreat from the wrong side. It would be interesting to see her going against Ajit.

Divya’s Fierce Side

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Divya always fell prey to Ajit’s gimmicks and also ended up falling in love with him. Though she made a bold entry, Ajit’s acts were enough to distract her from the investigation. However, now that Myra has got under the radar of Devi Singh, this might give Divya a reality check. We might see her fierce side yet again coming to life and going on the right track she can find new clues against Ajit.

Now the case has become too personal for Divya and it would be interesting to see her next move against Devi Singh.

Ajit’s New Victim!

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Going by Ajit’s evil persona, he can go to any extent to save himself. Hence, we can’t overlook the possibility that Myra might become his new victim. However, out of all the victims, Ajit shared a close bond with Myra. Their bond was no less than that of a father-daughter, but Ajit has to accomplish his devious plan to keep himself away from the law. Also, Ajit can be seen in a dilemma before he opts to harm Myra.

It would be interesting to see how this subplot concludes.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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