Devmanus: Ajit Accompanies Divya For A Camp, A Few Secrets Dimple Can Discover In His Absence

While Ajit is trying his best to woo Divya, Dimple is keen to unravel some hidden secrets of Ajit. Here’s what we can expect ahead in the story.

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March 11, 2021



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Over the years, TV has been populated with romantic shows and family dramas. While the viewers are in awe of these heartwarming stories, their craving for a good thriller remains unfulfilled. Many thriller stories on TV are either overstretched or many times out of context. However, the new wave on small screens has introduced some gripping and exciting crime dramas and mystery shows. And Zee Marathi’s Devmanus has been among them with a layered storyline.

The show has some well-written plotlines that keep the viewers invested in their TV screens. While Ajit’s character has been an atypical villain, the story weaved around his antics to give us real chills. Each and every subplot brings in new and unexpected twists. Similarly, the recent happenings have got the viewers excited yet again. While Ajit is trying his best to woo Divya, Dimple is keen to unravel some hidden secrets of Ajit’s life.

With Ajit accompanying Divya for a camp, here are a few secrets Dimple can come across in his absence.

Ajit and Rupa’s Affair

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As shown in the story, Rupa was Ajit’s girlfriend from Mumbai who later accompanied him at his clinic. However, after getting aware of Ajit’s real intentions, she decided to expose him. And ultimately, Ajit stabbed her to death. While Ajit has revealed this incident to Dimple, the latter is still unaware of the relationship they shared. Now, with Ajit’s absence, she might find the real truth if she approaches Rupa’s father.

And if she gets well versed with Rupa and Ajit’s story, we might see her creating trouble for Ajit. Also, chances are that Dimple might blackmail him or will realize that her life is in danger too.

Devi The Compounder

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By meeting Rupa’s father, Dimple can get well-versed with Ajit’s past life. Also, the shocking truth of him being a compounder. Devi has had a criminal past and to get away from it he disguised himself as a doctor in the village. Rupa’s father can reveal the complete story of Devi Singh aka Ajit. And this will definitely make Dimple realize her mistake of assisting Ajit in his heinous acts.

Also, Saro Ajji’s prediction or vision of calling Ajit a compounder will come true. There are possibilities that Dimple might open up to Ajji about her involvement with Ajit. And that would be an interesting twist in the story.

Manju’s Death Mystery

A still from Devmanus
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Although, Ajit has hidden all the evidence carefully, Dimple can definitely trace them. Remember the time when she traced the dead bodies Ajit had secretly buried. Yet again she can trace the jewelleries and cash mentioned by Tonya during Divya’s investigation. This might lead her to some jewels of Manjula which Ajit had kept by blackmailing her.

While Dimple believed that Ajit is not involved in Manu’s accidental death, tracing the hidden evidence will help her find a link.

Well, it remains to be seen how the story unfolds ahead.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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