Devmanus: ACP Divya Traces Down Ajit’s Secret Weapon, Here Are Few Cases That Might Come To Light!

Divya is planning to amass all evidence that connects Ajit to the mysterious happenings of the village. Now, that she has discovered a prominent one, few cases might be reopened yet again.

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May 20, 2021


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After getting completely invested in a thriller show, the audience eagerly waits for the gripping climax. And before getting to a perfect resolution, the makers intrigue the viewers with some unexpected and interesting twists. This not only makes the show more engaging but also makes it an unforgettable experience for the viewers. Being on similar lines, Zee Marathi’s Devmanus has been the knight of the night for the audience craving for good thrillers. 

The makers have kept the thrill and drama alive in the show while also entertaining the viewers. And finally, the show has reached its peak point as Ajit’s heinous crimes are surfacing one by one. All credit to ACP Divya’s thorough investigation. Saying so, recently Divya is planning to amass all evidence that connects Ajit to the mysterious happenings of the village. Following the lead, she recently traced down Ajit’s secret weapon while scouting his clinic. 

So, here are few cases that might come to light ahead in the story.

Myra’s Kidnapper!

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Source: ZEE5

Recently, when Divya made a surprise visit at Ajit’s clinic, the latter was left completely shocked. While Ajit headed out of the clinic, Divya secretly scouted Ajit’s workplace. She traced down Ajit’s secret weapon i.e., a pen knife which he had used several times. The moment Divya got her hands on the weapon, she recalled her hand-to-hand combat with Myra’s kidnapper. 

During which, she had seen the same knife in the hands of Devi Singh. This might prove Ajit’s involvement in Myra’s kidnapping.

Suresh Bapu’s Murder

A still from Devmanus
Source: ZEE5

We believe that Divya won’t directly quiz Ajit about the weapon, she will take her time to collect substantial proof. And if everything goes on the right track, the closed murder case of Suresh Bapu might be re-opened. Ajit had used the same weapon to stab Bapu to death during Manjula’s land deal. Forensic reports can prove that a penknife was used as a murder weapon in Suresh Bapu’s case.

And this might give Divya a big lead in the case and she can take some strict actions against Ajit.

Truth Behind Reshma’s Disappearance

A still from Devmanus
Source: ZEE5

Divya is quite close to unveiling the mystery behind Reshma’s disappearance. Now, after tracing the weapon, Divya can have an upper hand in the investigation and she can openly interrogate Ajit relating to all the cases. However, before she does that, Divya can get along with Vijay to find the truth behind Ajit and Reshma’s amorous affair. And this will be another big breakthrough as all evidence will point out to Ajit.

Well, it remains to be seen how the drama unfolds ahead.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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