Devmanus: 5 Ways Ajit Can Still Turn The Tables And Win Over ACP Divya!

The recent happenings have brought in plenty of troubles for Ajit as Divya’s investigation is in full swing. However, going by Ajit’s cunning persona, he can still change the whole scenario!

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May 11, 2021


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Slow-burn thrillers are the best pick on television. From staging characters to intensifying the mystery, these shows keep the audience completely glued to their screens. While many of these shows are laden with suspense-driven plotlines, a few others rely on their unpredictable characters. And offering an apt blend of the same, Zee Marathi’s Devmanus has emerged as one of the finest thrillers. What began as a phony doctor Ajit’s escapades soon morphed into a relevant social drama.

Moreover, Devmanus has been an entertaining and noteworthy watch for the viewers obsessed with the thriller genre. With each passing episode, the show is taking an unexpected turn, getting viewers more excited than ever. Saying so, the recent happenings have brought in plenty of troubles for Ajit as Divya’s investigation is on in full swing. However, going by Ajit’s cunning persona, he can still change the whole scenario.

So, here’s taking a look at 5 ways Ajit can still turn the tables and win over ACP Divya

Expressing His Love

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Ajit believed that rejecting Divya would turn things completely in his favour. He had claimed that the rejection would leave Divya in trauma. However, his plan turned upside-down when ACP Divya vowed to catch Devi Singh, who ultimately ruined her personal life. And this rejection has certainly led Divya on the right track with her investigation pacing thoroughly. While Ajit feels trapped, he can still change the scenario.

Approaching Divya he can express his love for her and can keep complete track of her investigation. Earlier, that was the same way he managed to escape from Divya’s trap.

Myra, The Trump Card

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Myra’s affection for Ajit has always restricted Divya from doubting Ajit’s actions. Also, not to forget that she fell head over heels in love with Ajit watching him responsibly taking care of Myra. Now, amid the investigation, Divya has sent Myra over to her native place resorting to safety concerns. If Ajit can manage to somehow get in touch with Myra again, things can definitely take an unexpected turn.

Earlier, by kidnapping Myra and blackmailing Divya, Devi Singh aka Ajit got away. He might do the same again.

The Childhood Story

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Ajit is a master of emotive acts. Remember the time when he befriended Manjula by sharing his “tragic childhood” story. That led the latter to sympathize for Ajit and she ended up falling for his death trap. Similarly, Ajit can emotionally blackmail Divya and once again try to maintain a good relationship with her. And if that happens, yet again, Ajit will take the lead in this game of cat-and-mouse.

Calling Off The Wedding!

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Calling off his wedding with Dimple might be another masterstroke that can help Ajit. Though it would leave Mangal and Babu disappointed, Ajit can surely regain their trust playing his acts. Moreover, the wedding cancellation would be good news for Divya. And she might once again believe in Ajit’s true love for her. This would not only distract her from the investigation but would also give Ajit access over her recent findings.

Guiding Divya

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Once Ajit manages to regain ACP Divya’s trust, he would definitely get a hold over the current situation. Divya’s investigation which is on the verge of exposing Ajit might go in vain with Ajit’s interference. He might yet again guide Divya the wrong way and this can lead to more troubles for her. Earlier, she ended up getting suspended due to Ajit’s masterful ploy. It remains to be seen if Divya stays firm on her decision or if she will fall for Ajit’s trap.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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