Devmanus: 5 Findings That Prove Divya Is Just A Step Closer To Unveiling The Murderous Mystery!

The sleek game of cat and mouse has got the viewers highly excited. And finally, there’s a hope that Ajit’s victim-hunting game will come to an end, all credit to ACP Divya.

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May 18, 2021


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Thriller stories demand meticulous attention from the viewers. And when the audience does that, they are surely in for an intriguing treat. Though there are many thriller shows on television, only a few of them have piqued viewers’ interest in the genre. And Zee Marathi’s Devmanus belongs to the same league. While the writers craft some nail-biting subplots, detailed characters like Ajit and Saro Ajji have become household names.

Right from the beginning of the story, the show has treated the audience with an unpredictable and enthralling drama. And following the same, the recent happenings in Devmanus have brought this thriller to its peak point. While Divya is completely involved in catching Devi Singh red-handed, Ajit is trying his best to escape from the law. This sleek game of cat and mouse has got the viewers highly excited. And finally, there’s hope that Ajit’s victim-hunting game will come to an end, all credit to ACP Divya.

So, here’s taking a look at 5 findings that prove Divya is just a step close to unveil the murderous mystery.

Devi Singh’s First Victim

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Amid the investigation, Divya unexpectedly traced down Devi Singh’s first victim. While Ajit planned to whitewash all the evidence, he left behind a major clue about his first victim. And this led Divya to trace down the relatives of the dead old man. She found his travel history and is currently tracing down all the passengers of the bus. This can definitely lead her to Ajit aka Devi Singh.

Reshma’s Missing Case!

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The mystery behind Reshma’s disappearance has been under the wraps for a long time. From inspector Ranjit to Reshma’s husband Vijay, everyone tried their best to find Reshma but to no avail. However, Divya’s smart move has brought a new revelation to the surface. Recently, Divya published the pictures of all victims in a newspaper and this led to another breakthrough. 

Through a travel agency, Divya discovered that Reshma never reached Mumbai and had returned back to the village. So, the search region has finally been narrowed and the police might get a trace to her dead body.

Manjula’s Land Rumours

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Source: ZEE5

While investigating Ajit’s new resort, Divya found out about the rumours related to Manjula’s ancestral land. She’s parallelly investigating the source of the rumours that ultimately created problems for Manju. If everything goes by the track, Divya might get a hint about Manju and Ajit’s chaotic relationship. Even, Saro Ajji can give some prominent inputs to this.

Rupa’s Love Affair

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While tracing Devi Singh, Divya found out about Rupa’s strange case. For those unversed, Rupa was Ajit’s girlfriend and had followed him into the village. Unfortunately, she fell into Ajit’s death trap and lost her life. However, while looking out for Devi Singh, ACP Divya stumbled upon a hotel clerk who had seen Devi accompanied by Rupa. 

Also, Divya met the doctor in Mumbai where Devi and Rupa worked as compounders. She found out the truth behind their love affair and it won’t take much time for her to track down Devi Singh.

Ajit’s Fingerprint Match

A still from Devmanus
Source: ZEE5

Though Ajit firstly denied documenting his fingerprints, Divya cleverly weaved a plan to get the same. And now the forensic report has unveiled a great clue. Ajit’s fingerprints and the ones found at Reshma’s house have matched. This will lead Ajit in great trouble and with substantial evidence like this, Divya can take prominent actions against Ajit.

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