Devmanus: 5 Characters Who Tightened The Noose For Ajit Yet Ended Up In His Death Trap

Though Devmanus has a villain in the spotlight, the show has treated us with many heroic characters who eventually got under the radar of Ajit. Check out the list.

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March 22, 2021



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Gone is the era where TV shows were centered upon demigod-like characters. With the new wave of content hitting the small screens, the stories have a more realistic approach. Filmmakers are keen on having flawed characters in the spotlight with which the audience can relate to on a personal level. And this renaissance on TV is being loved widely by the masses. However, experimenting with this change, Zee Marathi’s Devmanus portrays the story of a modern-age evil Dr. Ajit.

With an intriguing storyline, the show has become one of the best picks for the audience obsessed with thrillers. While Ajit masterfully weaves plans against his victims, the audience is figuring out how he might get caught. He has always escaped from the eyes of the law with his efficient tactics. However, there have been few characters who gave him a heroic fight, trying to unmask his real intentions. But alas! Their efforts went in vain, yet these subplots became a nail-biting watch for the viewers.

So, here’s taking a look at 5 characters who tightened the noose for Ajit yet ended up in his death trap.


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During the treatment of Aparna’s ill mother, Ajit managed to impress Aparna with his sugary talks. Their relationship flourished from friends to love interests. However, when Aparna’s uncle who was a doctor himself challenged Ajit over his knowledge, the equation between the duo changed. Aparna realized Ajit’s real intentions and with the help of her uncle, she tried to create problems for Ajit. However, he managed to forge plans which eventually led Aparna and her mother to fall for his death trap.


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Manjula emerged as a much-needed protagonist in Devmanus. In the beginning, she definitely didn’t fall prey to Ajit’s plans. She always voiced herself against Ajit which also led her to cross paths with the villagers. The locals boycotted her, made her an outcast, yet she managed to tackle each and every hurdle. She made Ajit quite furious with her bold persona. However, in the end, Ajit emotionally blackmailed her and she ended up losing her life.


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Ajit’s keen interest in Manjula’s ancestral land made Sanju suspicious of him. After his personal investigation, Sanju figured out that Ajit was the one who spread false rumours about the land. He also found evidence linking Ajit to Suresh Bapu’s murder. While he planned to trap Ajit in a phony land deal, the latter got aware of it and strangled Sanju to death.

Rupa’s Father

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In search of his missing daughter, Rupa’s father’s unexpected visit to the village shocked Ajit. He got in touch with ACP Divya and she immediately started off with an investigation. Furthermore, Rupa’s father named the culprit as Devi Singh, ultimately making viewers aware of Ajit’s past story. While the police were looking out for Devi Singh, Ajit cleared Rupa’s father out of his way, by planning his death.

Inspector Ranjit

A still from Devmanus
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In the recent episode, viewers were highly excited as inspector Ranjit got aware of Ajit’s real identity. He collected all the necessary pieces of evidence to expose Ajit in front of ACP Divya. However, Ajit weaved a plan with the help of Dimple to trap Ranjit. Dimple agreed to be a witness in the Devi Singh case and the inspector too believed her. Eventually, Ajit killed Ranjit before he could reveal the truth to Divya.

So, that was the list of few characters who tried their best to unmask Ajit’s actions however, ended up losing their lives.

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