Devmanus: 5 Characters Who Can Guide Divya Before She Makes Her Final Move Against Ajit!

As per the recent happenings, it seems that Divya has taken a lead. However, she needs to rework on few things before she charges up on Ajit.

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May 27, 2021


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The popularity of thriller/mystery shows has witnessed a surge, all thanks to the new wave of television. Amid this, many experimental stories have graced the small screens. While this change has restored audiences’ faith back in television, they are vibing over some gripping thrillers ever made in Indian TV history. And Zee Marathi’s Devmanus is one of those modern-age thrillers. The show has kept the viewers glued to their screens with a riveting storyline.

Devmanus essays the story of the criminal mastermind Dr. Ajit and his escapades. Throughout the episodic saga, the makers have managed to sustain the thrill and drama in the show. And now, the show has finally reached its dramatic peak as Ajit is on the verge of getting caught. While ACP Divya’s investigation has been on right track, Ajit is trying his best to escape yet again. And, as per the recent happenings, it seems that Divya has taken the lead. However, she needs to rework on few things before she charges up on Ajit.

So, here’s taking a look at 5 characters who can guide Divya before she makes her final move against Ajit.


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Earlier, Manjula and her husband Amar had their suspicions over Ajit. However, the latter’s ‘nobleman’ act made them change their views of him. And soon, a bond of friendship flourished between Ajit and Manju. Also, Ajit became a well-wisher for the couple, helping them in their difficult times. And that’s how he tricked Manju into his deathtrap. And during her death investigation, Amar kept himself off from sharing the story of past conflicts between Manjula and Ajit.

However, now that Divya is unaware of Ajit’s antics, she might approach the relatives of all victims. And Amar could be of great help here.


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Vijay had already approached Divya regarding the missing case of his wife Reshma. And ultimately, this gave Divya an important lead in the Devi Singh case. Following her investigation, she delved deep into Ajit and Reshma’s relationship. While Saro Ajji confirmed Reshma’s late-night visits at wada, Vijay’s suspicion of her affair was another breakthrough. And this again got Ajit under Divya’s radar. And now, Divya just has to trace Reshma’s hidden dead body.

Aparna’s Uncle

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During her mother’s treatment, Aparna fell head over heels in love with Ajit. And the latter used this as an opportunity to dupe the family. However, Ajit’s ploys came to light when Aparna’s uncle intervened. Her uncle was a professional doctor and he immediately caught hold of Ajit’s phony treatment. But being madly in love with Ajit, Aparna disapproved of her uncle. And this led to her mother’s death followed by her suicide.

This case left Divya completely stunned and recently we saw her getting in touch with Aparna’s uncle over a call. She might meet him yet again to seek help in getting Ajit under the radar.

Namya and Bajya 

A still from Devmanus
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Namya and Bajya’s simpleton nature made them effective pawns for Ajit. With their help, the latter has managed to spread false rumours about Divya in the village. However, Namya and Bajya are also quite involved in the betterment of the village. Remember the time when they worked for Divya as ‘khabris’. So, yet again Divya might seek their help and make them aware of Ajit’s heinous acts. Though this will leave them in shock, both Namya and Bajya will definitely guide Divya to catch Ajit red-handed.

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