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Devmanus: 3 Different Backstories That Can Justify Dr Ajit As A Notorious Serial Killer

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January 18, 2021

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Ajit’s character is not among the frontline villains and his different shades are what adds an interesting touch to the story.

Suspense-driven crime thrillers live and rise on the strength of their bad guys, characters whose darkness and unpredictable nature keep the thrill alive in a story in ways that the morally upright heroes can’t. In a similar instance, Zee Marathi’s Devmanus has kept the viewers glued to their screens with the notorious imagery of Dr. Ajit, the super bad villain we’ve ever had on TV. Ajit’s character is not among the frontline villains and his different shades are what adds an interesting touch to the story.

But what makes the charm of these baddies so lethal? Going by the history of real-life serial killers, the haunting past acts as a driving force to their cruel acts. The same might be the scenario with Dr. Ajit’s unpredictable and cruel acts. So, here’s taking a look at some of the fictional yet suitable stories that can justify Dr. Ajit as a notorious serial killer.

A Victim Of The Past

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In a conversation with Manjula, Dr. Ajit was seen faking about his childhood where he mentioned that he was raised and brought up in an orphanage. Though it seemed like one of his strategies to convince Manjula of his innocence, we also can’t overlook the fact that it might be true. 

And going by the same, Ajit might have been a victim of abuse by some evil minds and pedophiles at the orphanage. And the trauma he faced during his childhood might be a catalyst to his present imagery of modern world evil.

Serious Mental Disorders

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Dr. Ajit has been a two-faced character throughout the episodic saga. He’s a nobleman for everyone but his horrific killing spree is yet to come to light. Though he makes us believe that his only motive is to accumulate more and more wealth, there’s a great possibility that he might be suffering from serious psychological disorders. 

And his main victims being the women, also hint at his furious outlook towards them which might be related to his previous problematic relationships, be it with his mother or an abusive stepmother.

The Plain Evil

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In many cases of real-life serial killers, they loved and enjoyed their act of being the dominant evil. And similarly, Dr. Ajit might be one such character who finds a unique thrill in his cruel doings and that eventually comes after being in a state of isolation. During his childhood, Ajit might have failed to form a bond with society, maybe he preferred being alone, and that’s what haunted him.

Dr. Ajit’s awful deeds always leave us wondering the reasons behind them and one of these might be the answer to our “why?”.

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