Devadas Jukebox: 6 Songs Featuring Nagarjuna And Nani That Are Audio-Visual Treats

Sneha Bale

July 31, 2019


1 min

1. Vaaru Veeru


The 2018 action-drama, Devadas is good for more reasons than two — the leads Nagarjuna and Nani. One of the many reasons is the brilliant music by Mani Sharma. Let’s start with the best of all. Vaaru Veeru is a bright and elegant song that uses new and pop beats with lyrics that remind us of the bygone days of ‘filmy’ sets and melodramatic vibes.

2. Chettu Kinda Doctor


Chettu Kinda Doctor (doctor beneath the tree) is what comedy in music is. The song makes you smile with its quirky lyrics that depict the sad situation of Nani’s character, Das — a fresh MBBS graduate and an MS gold medalist.

3. Laka Laka Lakumikara


Move past the regular festival songs, because Mani Sharma brings a brand new track that will be blasted on all speakers on all occasions. Laka Laka Lakumikara incorporates the holy songs along with a new swag to it, making it our favourite fest song.

4. Hey Babu


Packing in the rushes of new love and excitement of impressing the girl of your dreams, Hey Babu is all sorts of cute. What with watching Nani trying to impress Rashmika Mandanna and Nagarjuna being afraid of approaching Akanksha, the song becomes twice as good.

5. Emo Emo Emo


What’s a playlist without some Sid Sriram magic? Devadas doesn’t miss out on the best and the most critical element and Emo emo emo is that. Stuck to this song already? We can totally understand.

6. Manasedo Vethukuthu Undi


Last on our list is Manasedo Vethukuthu Undi. The title of the film Devadas is a mix of Deva and Das. While Deva is the bad man, Das is the good one. At a certain point, both try to change like the other. This song proves that Yin needs Yang and Yang needs Yin to be complete.

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