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Dev DD 2: A Look At Asheema Vardaan’s Signature Outfits Throughout The Show!

Vatsal Thakore

April 4, 2021

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Asheema Vardaan stars as Devika Dwivedi in Dev DD 2, and she has a signature style in the show that depicts her prowess.

Devika Dharam Dwivedi is known for a lot of things – her savagery, her courage and her friendship, among the many things. However, if you’ve watched her in Dev DD 2, you would realize she also has a signature style of outfit. No matter the occasion, Devika slayed every time with her signature style, throughout the show.

In a film or a series, factors like camera work, background music, and characters’ outfits convey a lot to the story and our experience of watching it. They display the characters’ transitions and their moods at the time. At the beginning of Dev DD 2, we see Devika in a depressed state, which makes her quite passive about herself. In those moments, she can be only seen in dull home clothes. She also attends a wedding and her mother dresses her up in an attire that she never dons otherwise – a saree. But till that time, she wasn’t making decisions for herself.

Source: A Still from the show

The moment she does become her true self is when we see her return to her signature outfit – harem pants and a top, sometimes accompanied by a traditional jacket. The first time in Dev DD 2, when she puts this attire on, is when she has recovered from her sadness and is ready to face the world again. Even her mother notices at this point that her daughter has returned to her signature look.

When Devika is helping her friend Chandni get her house back from her uncle and his goons, she fearlessly goes up against them herself. Even in those moments, she does not fail to shine on screen in her signature attire. A chic green crop top paired with red harem pants help her shine bright in this scene. Not to miss her matching earrings and bag!

Source: A still from the show

Then, of course, there are scenes of her hanging out with her best friends, roaming around the city while sporting her signature look. Pairing a cool pink top with blue harem pants and a matching jacket, she sets to take Jaipur by storm!

Source: A still from the show

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Usually, people get into deep thoughts about what they would wear at a club and end up wearing the trendiest outfit that screams ‘western’. However, Devika does not ditch her style even for an outing in a club, and absolutely rocks her looks. A printed black top paired with a matching jacket looks trendy and Devika can show you how!

Source: A still from the show

Also, while making preparations for Chandni’s wedding and attending one of the ceremonies, she puts on a fancier and prettier version of her look, to fit the occasion. A yellow embroidered jacket looks delightful with her red separates.

Source: A still from the show

And lastly, when she recovers from all that happened in her life in Dev DD 2, she is back in her ‘this is me’ form, showing us that she is Devika 2.0. This is a rather prominent moment and her look justifies that. A simple red crop top with a cream embroidered jacket and black harem pants conveys all her powerful emotions. 

Source: A still from the show

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