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Dev DD 2: 7 Sassiest Moments Of Asheema Vardaan From The Show

Vatsal Thakore

March 31, 2021

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As an appreciation to Devika Dharam Dwivedi’s savagery, here are seven moments from Dev DD 2 that are all things sassy.

Asheema Vardaan in Dev DD 2 plays the title role of Devika Dharam Dwivedi. Devika is famous among her fans and infamous in her reel-life for many things. But the one thing that stands out among all of it, is her sass. Devika’s comebacks and sassy moments are the highlights of the show that stay on our minds long after we’re done watching the show. As an appreciation for them, here are seven such moments from Dev DD 2.


The Party

Source: A still from Dev DD 2

In the earlier moments of Dev DD 2, Devika had been feeling depressed after the heartbreak that she had had in Mumbai. And after being back in Jaipur, all the women of her area saw this as a chance and got into taunting and insulting Devika in front of her mother. After Devika recovered from her sadness, she did the sassiest, the most ‘Devika’ thing, she could – she organized a party with those women, and showed them a mirror. She taunted them with the biggest truths about themselves and their family, which they had always chosen to ignore.


Job in hotel

Source: A still from the teaser

Devika approaches a hotel to apply for a job. Sadly, the hotel is owned by the husband of one of the women who Devika insulted at the party. When the lady, Mrs Marwah, sees Devika, she asks the interviewer to reject her. Devika then does something that sends Mrs Mawah in a frenzy – she gets her husband’s time table from the hotel and with all her satire, reveals it to Mrs Marwah, how her husband organizes a ‘ladies night’ for himself in the name of meetings.


Buying a ring

Source: A still from Dev DD 2

There is a scene where Devika is with Radha, buying a ring for Chandni for their engagement. The jeweller denies selling them rings because two women marrying is against their ‘values’. Devika gets back at him saying that they do not find it wrong when people have extra-marital affairs but find this marriage against their value system. She also follows it up with multiple taunts at the jeweller, leaving the store like a boss.


Beating up her jiju

Source: A still from Dev DD 2

Devika’s cousin has married a real jerk. He’s someone with a loose character, who does not leave a chance to be creepy. Devika, throughout the show, has really sassy moments going up against her brother-in-law, however, the best one comes when she, along with Chandni and Radha, beat the hell out of the guy.

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Back answering goons

Source: A still from Dev DD 2

After Devika finds out that Chandni’s uncle (mama) has taken over her home, she takes it upon herself to get Chandni her house back. In the situation, she goes up against the uncle and his goons, back-answering them and taunting them like they were powerless. There is a moment, when Devika sits with the uncle and takes his hookah from him, smokes it herself while taunting him and getting him to leave the house.


Fairy tales

Devika gives a whistle-worthy speech when she is feeling fed up with the love and drama in her life, and realises that it’s the fairy tales that have inbuilt this sense of perfect love in the people. She also takes a jibe at how these fairy tales have built a sense that a princess’ life can only improve after a prince charming finds her.


Dealing with Chandni’s mom

Source: A still from Dev DD 2

Chandni’s mother in Dev DD 2 was the person who opposed her relationship with Radha the most. She not only insults and provokes the couple but also turns indifferent to her daughter. After Chandni takes a harsh step, Devika loses her temper and deals with Chandni’s mother herself, warning her that she is not afraid to be her worst self if needed for Chandni.

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