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Desi Avengers: 10 ZEE5 Characters Who Can Be A Part Of A Superhero Universe With Their Masterful Skills

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March 30, 2021

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From Qubool Hai 2.0’s Asad to Silence’s ACP Verma, these characters may not be the ‘guardians of the galaxy’ but have definitely impressed the viewers. Here’s how they can make for great superheroes.

Superheroes and their fantasy-filled universe have been around for ages. From comics to the big screens, these fictional worlds have entertained the audience thoroughly.  Well, if embarked out of this creative world, there have been many lifelike characters who are no less than the superheroes. And ZEE5’s widespread library has always treated us with many such heroic yet relatable characters. Though they are not the ‘guardians of the galaxy’, they have definitely carved a place in the hearts and minds of the viewers.

Some of these characters played around with their top-notch skills. While the others were fueled up with their charisma. However, each one of them would have a reserved place for themselves if ZEE5 had a ‘slice-of-life’ superhero universe. So, here’s taking a look at some fictional yet interesting ZEE5 personalities who can make it into the ‘superpower’ entity.

Asad ‘Brawny And Hard-Headed’

Source: ZEE5

In the romance-filled Qubool Hai 2.0, Asad and Zoya’s dreamy affair is laden with sweet memories and unexpected mysteries. The duo’s romantic track gives us a picture of Asad as a hard-headed person. And while watching him fighting against all the odds, we see a brawny side of Asad’s character. 

This blend of hard-headed and brawny personality makes him an interesting entrant in our superhero universe. He can be the man with the muscles in our universe, similar to Hulk! 

ACP Verma ‘The Investigative Expert’

Source: ZEE5

Leading at the forefront, ACP Verma can help everyone tackling their shortcomings. And Manoj Bajpayee’s portrayal will add more to this superhero personality. ACP Avinash Verma of Silence can save our day with his thorough investigation skills and his ability to decode mysteries. He can be a perfect guiding light in fighting against evil superpowers much like Captain America!

Veer Singh ‘Morphing Into Different Personalities’

Source: ZEE5

If there’s any character who can trick the supervillains with his extraordinary skills, it is Veer Singh from Nail Polish. Though not physically, Veer can morph into different personalities playing his mind games. He can definitely be an interesting part of the superhero universe with his remarkable acts of deceiving others without letting them know, very similar to Mystique from X-Men.

Uma  ‘Hand-To-Hand Combat’

Source: ZEE5

Being a spy and leading a secret life is not an easy task. But Uma from London Confidential has managed to pull off each and every mission entrusted to her. From being a step ahead of her rivals to battling against the notorious criminals, she has lived the spy’s life with no flaws at all. And her major highlight is her mastery in ‘hand-to-hand’ combat and hence she can make for another superhero full of charisma and action. She can be the Black Widow of this ZEE5 superhero universe. 

Keswani ‘Master Planner’

Source: ZEE5

Keswani was the silent leader of the Naxal movement whose actions spoke louder than his words. Similarly, he can be the master planner for the team of superheroes. They can rely on the well-crafted and effective plans of Keswani to win against the devious side. On a greater note, Keswani is driven by his tragic past which adds an interesting shade to his character. This will definitely make him one of the most intriguing superhero characters, much like Professor X of X-Men.

Priya ‘An Obsessed Gamer’

Source: ZEE5

Going off the lane of her mundane routine, Priya from Forbidden Love found solace in the street-smart games. Her life changed completely as if she had found a purpose in many of those card and mind games. And within no time she became a skillful gamer. Priya’s character can make for an interesting superhero with skills of creating delusion for her enemies. Remember the way she trapped her husband making him play into her sensual games. Similarly, she can perfectly trap the supervillains in her delusion of games, much like Scarlett Witch from MCU.

Veera-Jayati-Kavita ‘The Superhero Trio’

Source: ZEE5

The superwomen from Black Widows Veera, Jayati, and Kavita can make for an interesting superhero trio. Each one of them plays an important role in the other one’s life. And when they get along, this trio can pull off any impossible tasks. Their past has made them emotionally strong and they have rightfully thrived in creating effective plans. Being on the superhero side, they can give us a comic as well as a bold shade in the cinematic universe. And don’t tell us, they don’t remind you of the Powerpuff Girls!

Abhay ‘Tracing The Supervillains’

Source: ZEE5

Abhay Pratap Singh is an investigative officer who goes beyond the predefined set of a criminal investigation. He has nurtured the ability to predict the mindset of notorious and wanted criminals. This is something that keeps him a step ahead of the cat and mouse game. Abhay can make for a skillful superhero who can help in tracking down the supervillains and their immoral acts. He can take them down effortlessly and he indeed reminds us of Batman!

Kaali ‘Sacrifice & Selflessness’

Source: ZEE5

Though she’s devoid of superpowers, Kaali is a Wonder Woman in herself. She risks her own life for the sake of the loved ones. This quality of sacrifice and selflessness is what sets Kaali apart from the contemporary female protagonists. Kaali wearing a cape and going against the odds would definitely give the superhero fans a spine-chilling experience.

Sid ‘A Slow-Paced Revenge-Seeker’

Source: ZEE5

“Revenge is the dish best served cold,” is something that Sid from Jamai 2.0 believes upon. He does not opt for quick judgment but rather waits and makes a move with accurate plans. He can be a cunning superhero with different shades. He can make for a character similar to Iron Man with an interesting touch of reality. Oh and he’s rich like Tony Stark too! 

So that was the list of characters who would make for a great superhero universe together.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and updates.

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