Denmark To Cull Entire Herd Of Mink After Coronavirus Mutation Spreads To Humans

Denmark recently discovered that there is a strain virus in the minks that have infected humans with coronavirus. The entire herd will soon be culled to avoid worse situations.

Isha Khatu

November 6, 2020

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected the population globally and every country is trying its best to control its outbreak. Recently, Denmark found that there’s a mutation of the coronavirus found in the minks that spread to humans. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has ordered to cull an entire herd as it is risky to let those animals live.

Denmark to cull an entire herd of minks

The COVID-19 cases in Denmark have gone up to 51,753. The health authorities in Denmark found virus strains in humans and in minks. This virus showed a decreased sensitivity to antibodies and poses a risk for any future vaccine of COVID-19 to work on those bodies. The findings have been shared with the World Health Organisation and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. The findings were found from laboratory tests by the State Serum Institute which is currently working on fighting the infectious disease. The Prime Minister has asked to gather all the minks, which goes up to 17 million, and cull them all together.

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Source: Reuters

According to Reuters, WHO had made a statement that they had been informed about the several cases of humans being affected on mink farms and will have to take necessary steps as soon as possible. In total, they have found 5 cases with the new virus strain which had been recorded on the mink farms with 12 humans infected. In Netherlands, there is an outbreak at mink farms. It is considered to be one of the largest producers of mink furs. They have been trying to cull the infected minks since July but weren’t aware of the virus strain. Minks have also been culled in Spain after they discovered the potential virus in their bodies.

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Now the police, army and home guards in Denmark have been deployed to hunt for every mink so that they can cull the herd. According to Christian Sonne who is a professor of Veterinary and Wildlife Medicine at Aarhus University, the outbreak would worsen the situation. He mentioned that it is extremely important to cull those animals before the cases begin to rise. He added that China and Poland should help Denmark in this process and completely ban mink production in their countries. The COVID-19 in animals could be avoided, he said.

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