Delhi’s Archie Singh To Represent India At Miss International Trans Pageant In Colombia

Archie Singh is ready to make India proud. The 22-year-old woman from Delhi will be representing India at the Miss International Trans Pageant in 2021.

Tanvi Dhote

January 19, 2021

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22-year-old Archie Singh is ready to make India proud at the International level. Archie, who hails from Delhi, is a trans model who recently won the Miss Trans India title. She will now represent India at the Miss International Trans pageant in Colombia. Find out more details about this story below.

The LGBTQIA+ community is struggling to be accepted across the globe. While several new reforms and laws are helping the community to make people aware of their struggles and hardships, the progress is still slow. Hence many members from LGBTQIA+ community have stepped up to take matters into their own hands and bring about a change.

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One such person is Delhi’s Archie Singh. 22-year-old Archie Singh came out as trans at the age of 17. Since then she took it upon herself to spread awareness about the trans community. Singh recently won the Miss Trans India pageant. Now, she will be representing our country at the International level in the Miss International Trans Pageant that will be held in Columbia in 2021.

But before becoming a model, Archie Singh was a social worker. In an interview, Archie Singh revealed that she wants to be a role model for everybody and not just a model who poses in front of the camera. She wants to support trans people who have recently revealed their identity and make sure people know that even the trans community can achieve things. She also wants to break the stigma around the trans community and make people aware of their day-to-day difficulties and realities.

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In the interview, Archie Singh also revealed that people do not respect trans people and they have a negative perspective about the community. She believes that society needs to change its view about trans people. While recounting her experience in the modeling industry, Archie Singh revealed that she lost several gigs after she told them that she is a trans woman. Moreover, Singh believes that gender should never be a barrier to whatever people wish to achieve in their life.

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