Delhi’s AQI Drops To “Very Poor” Category After 4 Days Of Breather

Delhi air quality has become a cause of concern once again. According to CPCB’s latest data, in several areas of the country’s capital, the AQI has now fallen in the “poor” and “very poor” category.

Tanvi Dhote

November 20, 2020

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The air quality in Delhi has worsened once again. According to ANI’s latest report, a few days ago Delhi’s air quality had visibly improved but a change in wind directions has affected it. Moreover, several areas in Delhi AQI is in the ‘poor category’ due to this change in wind directions. Watch the video below to know more.

Decreasing air quality and air pollution has been a bane for people living in and around Delhi. Over the last few weeks, stubble burning has been the major reason for the increase in Delhi’s pollution. The bursting of firecrackers during Diwali was also a reason recently for the decreasing air quality in the capital.

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According to ANI’s latest report, Delhi’s air quality has become a cause of concern once again. Four days ago, the city received a major breather as the pollution was decreased to certain regions receiving moderate rainfall. But as mentioned above, the bursting of firecrackers has resulted in Delhi returning to its original poor air quality.

Today, on November 19, 2020 many parts of Delhi were covered with smog. As per data released by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), an AQI between o to 50 is considered “good”. An AQI reading between 51 to 100 is considered “satisfactory”, between 101 to 200 is “moderate”, between 201 to 300 is “poor”, between 301 to 400 is “very poor” and finally between 401 to 500 is “severe”.

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According to the news agency’s report, the AQI readings from some of Delhi’s prominent regions was released. The date states that on November 19, 2020 in the morning Anand Vihar’s AQI was 306 (very poor), the AQI around IGI Airport (T3) was 229 (poor). Furthermore, the Lodhi Road’s AQI was 181 (moderate), and RK Puram’s AQI was 287 (poor).

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