Delhi Riots Against Citizenship Amendment Act Take A Communal Turn

Political leaders take a dig at the Delhi police and media by calling the incident as Islamophobia of police and media.

Neel Raju Nalawade

September 24, 2020

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In February, disastrous riots took place in Delhi which killed around 50 people and injured more than 200. News reports state that the protests had broken out after the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act. However, these riots are now taking a communal turn. Recently, several social media users have been sharing photos and screenshots of Anurag Mishra’s Facebook profile to prove his real identity. Anurag Mishra real identity created a lot of confusion and resulted in sparking a communal controversy. When the police force and the government authorities found that Anurag Mishra is Sharukh, they decided to stay mute and refused to take any action against him.

Many political leaders took on social media to criticize the government and the police. Some even called this act as Islamophobia of police and media and demanded equal probe for everyone.

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