Delhi Man With Coded Letter Arrested Near Parliament House

The suspicious man has been apprehended and taken to the Parliament Street Police Station in Delhi, where he is being questioned.

Jessica David

August 26, 2020

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Delhi Police has detained a suspect from Vijay Chowk near Parliament House on Wednesday morning (August 26). A letter has been received from this person, which is written in code words. The police apprehended him and he has been taken to the Parliament Street Police Station, where he is being questioned. After meeting this suspicious person, security has been increased in and around the Parliament House in Delhi. Joint inquiry means that several investigative agencies like police, Intelligence Bureau (IB) and other intelligence agencies are questioning him.

It is being told that the youth taken into custody is from Kashmir. He was wandering around the Parliament House in suspicious circumstances, after which the police took him into custody. A police officer says that this is normal procedure. Substantial information can only be given out formally after questioning. A bag has been recovered from him, in which two identity cards have been found and different names were written on both. He has got an Aadhar card and a driving license with separate identity details.

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