Daughter’s Day Special: Here’s Why We Think Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham’s Anu Is The Perfect Daughter!

Witness the wonderful bond and love that Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham’s Anu shares with her parents. 


September 24, 2020


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Daughter’s Day is celebrated on September 27 across the globe. We celebrate this day to honour and appreciate all those daughters, who sacrifice their desires to give their families better lives. ZEE TV also has given us so many daughters, who lived and done umpteen sacrifices for their parents. While we talk about such loving and caring daughters, as parents, how many of you have been really supportive and actually have encouraged your daughter to achieve their goals?

Many parents impose their dreams on to their children but this Daughter’s Day, let’s make a promise to ourselves that we will now push and motivate our daughters to grow and become what they desire to be. This Daughter’s Day, let’s take pride in our daughters and make them feel special on this occasion.

As Daughter’s Day is just around the corner, let’s take a look at one such doting daughter, who not only instills values in us but shows us how to respect, love and take care of our parents. See the wonderful bond and love that Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham‘s Anu shares with her parents.

Ahead of Daughter’s Day, let’s see why we think Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham’s Anu is the perfect daughter!


Anu is an independent woman. At an early age, she started working so that she can help her father financially. Clearly Subbu and Pushpa are proud of Anu. While parents love to see that their daughters turn to them for everything, they are secretly very proud of their daughters when they make their own decisions and learn to live an indepent life. Trust me it gives them immense happiness to see their daughters grow to be an independent woman. It’s feels great to realise that the training they gave you to face the world on your own hasn’t gone waste afterall.


Anu not only believes in earning her own living and choosing her own future but she also has tremendous self-respect. Remember the time when Suryaprakash gifts her a blank cheque and she refuses to take it?

Obedient and Respectful

Although Anu earns and provides her family, she has never made her parents feel that they have become dependent on her. While she makes her own decisions, she never fails to obey her parents. When Anu was not interested in getting married to Sampath, she still did say yes only to make her mother feel happy. There have been so many times that Pushpa had been annoying and demanding but not once we have seen Anu raising her voice against her mother.

Meanwhile, on the show, Suryaprakash promotes Anu for her good work but he also sends her to Bangalore forever. Later, Anu challenges Suryaprakash to keep no contact with her for the next 24 hours. She adds that if Suryaprakash manages to do so, she will never bother him again but if he fails the challenge then he will have to confess his feelings to her. Will Suryaprakash win or lose?

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