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Daughters Day Special: 3 Reasons why girls like Nimmo make the perfect daughters!


September 24, 2020

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This Daughters Day, let’s take a look at what makes girls so special in their families!

Daughters are the heart of a home, aren’t they? They bring joy in their parents’ life and also make them so proud! There’s a reason why everyone turns toward the daughter of the house to seek help or happiness. On the occasion of Daughters Day, here’s one such daughter who has won everyones hearts – Kamli Ishq Di‘s Nimrat.

Before moving ahead, watch the latest episode of the show here:

Nimrat (Ritika) is the daughter of a wicked lady called Lalli (Kavita Sharma) and a very noble man, Sukhdev. She is actually Deshveer’s (Jashn Kohli) cousin, but she treats him as her real brother. Because that’s what girls do, make every relation their own.  Let’s discuss the qualities that make her so lovable!

They’re the guiding light in their family’s life

Nimrat is the supporter, motivator, and protector for Deshveer. Whenever Deshveer is in trouble, Nimrat tries to guide him on the right path. Her guidance often helps Deshveer fight back. That’s the reason why Deshveer is proud of his sister, Nimrat. Do you remember when Deshveer worked as Lucky’s bodyguard? Nimrat was the one to inspire Deshveer to quit that job!

They try to keep the family together

Deshveer’s beloved sister knows that her mother Lalli tries to keep everyone under her thumb. In such situations, Nimrat steps in to protect her brother, and sometimes even her father. One of the best moment of the show is when she tries to convince Deshveer to have food, while her mother taunts Deshveer for being useless. After all, daughters like to see a happy and united family!

They are selfless

Nimrat cares about everyone in the family without any hidden agendas. Well, we know she didn’t get this good quality from her mother. But all in all, we think daughters can go to any length for their family!

Isn’t all this what makes girls like Nimrat the perfect daughters? Do you agree with our list? Share this story and your views in the comments below!

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