Das And His Way Of ‘Kednapping’ In Soodhu Kavvum Is One Of The Highlights Of The Film

Das is a misfit in the social structure and is searching for other such misfits to keep him company.

July 12, 2019


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A story of a movie is good only if the central characters in the movie have depth and intensity. And in the case of Soodhu Kavvum streaming on ZEE5, the characters have a great amount of intensity, in the sense, they have a great variety in their characterisation. Let us take the example of one of the central characters from the movie, Das, a part played by Vijay Sethupathi. Even after being one of the most important characters of the movie, it is quite surprising that he is introduced only after some time.

Watch Das and other misfits as they try to create a space for themselves in this world.

Also, the scene that gives us an overview of the character is not a typical one. As we get to see Das sitting in deep thought, in a vehicle, with a girl beside him, who we later realise as his imaginary lover. Moving into the scene further we are shown how he tries to kidnap an unsuspecting girl but fails at it miserably.

Das in Soodhu Kavvum
A still from Soodhu Kavvum streaming on ZEE5

Now, this scene is a wholesome scene if you look at it carefully. This scene entirely summarises Das’ character and gives us an insight into his problems and life. The fact that he chooses to kidnap people and that too without proper preparation and help is amusing, but it also shows his inability to plan effectively and connect with people. He is a misfit, there is no doubt about it and he is in search of misfits and it is this search of his that leads him to the other three central characters of the movie, namely Pagalavan, Kesavan and Sekhar.

Das explaining his methods
A still from Soodhu Kavvum streaming on ZEE5

Another important scene that acts as a path of revelation towards Das’ character is the one where he is trying to explain his five-point rule of kidnapping or kednapping as he spells it. The problem with these rules is that rather than being a well- thought set of rules it comes to us as a very emotional set of parameters. For rather than the act of kidnapping these rules side on the ethics and morality of human behaviour.

What is also to be noted is that more than kidnapping Das enjoys the company of the people with whom he plans the kidnapping. Towards the end of the film, you would see that all the others except Das have entered politics and are earning money but Das is happily lecturing a bunch of misfits about the code of his methodology of kidnapping.

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