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Dark7White: 5 Reasons Why Greshma Could Be CM Yudi’s Killer

Tanvi Dhote

November 18, 2020

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Who killed the CM? Every close friend and family member in Yudi’s life is a prime suspect. But could the real killer be Yudi’s college friend and budding journalist, Greshma? Did Greshma have a secret reason or reasons to kill Yudi?

Dark 7 White is the latest ZEE5 Original that will be premiering soon. This brand new mystery drama revolves around the murder of CM Yudhveer Singh. Surprisingly, CM Singh’s closest family and friends are prime suspects in this high profile case. Talking about CM Yudi’s friends, could his closest college friend, Greshma, be the killer? Why is she a prime suspect in this case? Find out below.

1. College rivalry

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In the Dark 7 White promo, it is clear that Greshma and Yudi have been friends since their college days. The two are seen interacting on multiple occasions. Even Yudi confesses to her that he sees himself in her. But did Yudi’s past actions during their college days’ lead to Greshma plotting his murder? A secret incident could have driven Greshma to the edge.

2. Greshma: A budding journalist

In Dark 7 White, Greshma seems to have been an activist since her college days. This activism led her to become a fearless journalist. As a journalist and Yudi’s friend, she must have received some inside information about Yudi. A scandalous revelation like this could spoil Yudi’s political career. Yudi must have answered this revelation with a threat, but Greshma answered by ending his life.

3. Jealousy

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Yudi’s political success is not only due to his political campaign but also due to his familial ties. Apart from running for the elections in his college, Yudhveer Singh is also a prince. Hence political power and trust came easy for him. Whereas, Greshma struggled at every corner to make sure her voice is heard. Hence jealousy could be a driving factor in Greshma killing Yudi.

4. A secret affair

As mentioned earlier, Yudi and Greshma have been friends since their college days. During this time, they could have been secretly dating. But now, that Yudi is engaged to Daisy this could have triggered Greshma. This trigger could have motivated Greshma to kill Yudi.

5. Political power

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Yudi was born into a privileged family. He is not only an actual prince but his family’s powerful connections are visible through the web series promos. But Greshma, did not grow up in a privileged atmosphere. Hence the hunger for power and privilege could have motivated Greshma to kill Yudi and teach him a final lesson.

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