Dark 7 White Song Chaap Tilak: A Mesmerizing Sufi Track That You’ll Play On Loop

Dark 7 White’s playlist is finally here. Their song Chaap Tilak has left a lasting impression on its audience. The song is an ode to the unsaid relationship between ACP Abhimanyu and Nilu.

Tanvi Dhote

December 2, 2020

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Dark 7 White is the newest political thriller everyone is binge-watching. This political thriller has everything you need but presented in a way that has never been done before. Dark 7 White has many great elements to look forward to and one of these elements is its songs and background score. This political drama would have been incomplete without its track, Chaap Tilak. So here is a detailed review about this soulful track from Dark 7 White.

ZEE5 Original has released several web series and films this year. But one web series seems to have become a fan favourite. This web series is none other than the Sumeet Vyas and Jatin Sarna starrer, Dark 7 White. The series revolves around the murder of CM Yudhveer Singh and how his six closest college friends turned colleagues are now the prime suspect.

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But while the show focuses primary focus is on Yudi’s murder and its after-effects, one love story or rather a romantic connection is barely explored. This unsaid relationship is between ACP Abhimanyu and Neelu. Many Dark 7 White fans noticed the chemistry between these two but were disappointed to not see it blossom more than a silent support system. But now, Dark 7 White makers have released the Chaap Tilak music video that is a compilation of all of Neelu and ACP Abhimanyu’s scenes.

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Chaap Tilak is a poem written by Amir Khusro. Over the years, this poem has been sung by many legendary Indian and Pakistani Qawwals and singers. But the version from Dark 7 White is a refreshing take. Nakash Aziz, the singer of this track has provided a soulful touch to it. Moreover, Sargam Jassu’s composition has added a charm of its own to this new Chaap Tilak version. This romantic track starts on an upbeat note and transition into a mix of rock and Sufi music.

The mix of genres sums up Neelu and ACP Abhimanyu’s story. Since Nilu and ACP Abhimanyu’s relationship has no space to blossom amidst the political chaos they are surrounded by. Moreover, Neelu wants to be with Yudi. Hence this track gets a double thumbs up and deserves all the attention coming it’s way. Dark 7 White’s Chaap Tilak also seems to be on ACP Abhimanyu’s mind since Jatin Sarna has shared the song on his Instagram handle. Take a look at his Instagram post here.

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