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Dark 7 White Series Review: Sumeet Vyas And Jatin Sarna Drive This Political Drama To An Impressive End

Tanvi Dhote

November 24, 2020

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ZEE5’s brand new Original Dark 7 White is finally here. If you are planning to watch this political thriller starring Jatin Sarna, Sumeet Vyas, and Nidhi Singh here is a review that will give you a clear idea about this web series,.

ZEE5 Original Dark 7 White has finally premiered on the OTT platform. The political crime thriller has indeed lived up to its expectations. Each of CM Yudhveer Singh’s friends and close family member is a prime suspect. But if everybody is a suspect, who killed Yudi? Here’s our review of this brand new ZEE5 Original.

The Indian audience has witnessed several political thrillers over the years. But very few of these films and shows have been able to create a mark for themselves. Since the surge of OTT platforms in the country, many producers have attempted to experiment in this genre. But now, a brand new political thriller has done it.

ZEE5’s Original Dark 7 White that one perfect political thriller you have been looking for. Most of the political thrillers start with speeches, public, and a humungous political entourage. But Dark 7 White starts with a murder. Not just any murder, but the next CM of the State, Yudhveer Singh (Sumeet Vyas), is murdered right before his oath taking ceremony.

The moment Yudhveer’s heart stops beating, ACP Abhimanyu (Jatin Sarna) enters the scene as the lead investigator. The moment he enters, he makes sure everybody remembers, “In politics, murders happen not accidents”. His predominant beliefs turn out to be true as Yudhveer’s closest friends from college, his fiancé Daisy, his mother, and his grandfather all are prime suspects. But Yudhveer Singh is not only a CM, he is also a Prince, a royal family member for whom everything comes easy. Someone who says “democracy is a myth”.

Source: ZEE5

Talking about the overall web series, the casting director for this ZEE5 project has done a commendable job. Especially when it comes to the casting of Sumeet Vyas, Jatin Sarna, and Greshma a.k.a. (Tanya Kalra). These three actors hold the web series together and grab your attention right away. Another interesting fact about this web series is the smooth transition between its timelines.

In the first timeline, we get to know about Yudhveer’s college, the second timeline is murder investigation, and the third timeline showcases Yudhveer’s political journey after his college life ends. Just like the Dark 7 White trailer suggested, there is ample amount of drama, bloodshed, sex, cruelty, and politics. The lust for power is visible in every scene, whether its during Yudhveer making use of his friends to win his college elections or him using Daisy to become the next CM.

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Apart from its performances and sharp edit, Dark 7 White’s music also compliments the plot. It also provides ample amount of connection to Yudhveer’s royal lineage, the dirty politics, and the lives that are at stake in every situation. If you are looking for a political thriller that maintains the suspense till the end, Dark 7 White is the right series for you. Apart from its suspense, these characters and the show’s plot line will stay with you forever.

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