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Dark 7 White Revives Your College Memories; Relive Your Friend Circle With These Characters

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December 30, 2020

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These characters from Dark 7 White made us relive our college days and also made us feel the warmth of our friend circle.

Zee5’s recently released web show Dark 7 White was widely appreciated for essaying the bold and complex theme of power and politics. The whodunit was crafted in such a way that it kept the viewers hooked till the last frame. It was packed with an interesting storyline and powerful performances that made it noteworthy on the elements of drama and suspense.

Also, the fact that we underestimate is that the show was quite high on the entertainment factor and the credit goes to all the characters who were an important soul of the story. In a way, these characters made us relive our college days and also made us feel the warmth of our friend circle. So here’s comparing the variety of friends in our circle with these interesting characters.

Take a look:

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

A still from Dark 7 White
Source: Zee5

Well, this is for our main character Yudhveer Singh (Sumeet Vyas). He’s one of those friends from our group who acts as an expert, he’s good at plotting plans but will definitely need your help to execute them. He has big dreams but to make them possible he’ll wander around different things rather than sticking to one. Beware! He/She can betray you the way Yudhvir did. Such friends are driven by their self-confidence, they believe that they are a jack of all trades but ultimately end up as master of none.


An Obsessed Lover

A still from Dark 7 White
Source: Zee5

There’s always someone in our friend circle who is madly in love with someone through the love is one-directional. In Dark 7 White, it is Neelu (Monica Choudhary) who’s madly in love with Yudhveer who just uses her for his own convenience. Friends like Neelu are simple and sweet ones, they are dedicated to your friendship. And one needs to have a friend like Neelu in his/her life, they are surely amongst the trustworthy ones.


A still from Dark 7 White
Source: Zee5

Greshma (Taniya Kalra) from Dark 7 White is one of those cunning and dedicated friends who can go up to any level for their friends. But this is just their dedicated side, once their cunning mode is on they can be very cruel too. Yet Greshma is also one of those strong friends we need who does not step back from speaking out the real truth. They are genuinely the open-minded ones who are straightforward and true to your face.

The True Lovers

Source: Zee5

A couple passionately in love is always in the spotlight in a friend circle just like Kush and Yogesh who are inseparable. They might fight with each other yet they are strong enough to hit others back when they feel a need. Everything for them seems to be overshadowed by their love and they completely don’t care.

Jack Of All Trades

Source: Zee5

And that one silent guy/girl who comes out as a box full of surprises in the end just like Abhimanyu Singh (Jatin Sarna) who left us surprised by the twist in the end. Such friends are a jack of all trades but they never say it out, they are the silent bombs in the group who do the needful at a perfect time which makes them an ultimate star of the group.

That’s how Dark 7 White makes you relive your best memories.

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