Dark 7 White: Kush, Yogesh And Other Friends Of Yudi Who Used Him For Their Selfish Agendas

Dark 7 White’s Yudi controlled the lives of everybody around him. But his closest friends turned colleagues were in his life to fulfill their personal and professional agendas. If you do not believe us, here’s proof.

Tanvi Dhote

December 1, 2020

Web Series

3 min


Dark 7 White is the latest ZEE5 Original that has become the talk of the town. This Sumeet Vyas and Jatin Sarna starrer web series shows how revenge and the hunger for power can destroy lives. In the show, even after his Yudi’s death, his friends choose to gain profit and media attention. So take a look at five of Yudi’s friends who were fulfilling their hidden agendas while working for him.

1. Kush

Since the first scene that Kush and Yudi share together their rivalry is visible. Kush always wanted to enter politics and what better way than standing for their college elections. But all thanks to Yudi’s manipulative skills, Kush and Yogesh’s position as the rival team disintegrates and Yudi wins the election. Fast forward to now, Yudi is dead, hence Kush made sure to be part of his party so to take his place after his death.

2. Yogesh

Kush and Yogesh have been secretly dating together since their college days. Furthermore, the two shared a mutual hatred towards Yudi. But after winning the college elections by being on Yudi’s side, Yogesh saw a chance of furthering his career. He established his marble business and also made sure to support his secret boyfriend Kush to become the next CM.

3. Greshma

In one of the Dark 7 White episodes, Yudi tells Greshma that he sees himself in her. Throughout the series, Greshma stays true to this statement and maintains her closeness to Yudi for her benefit. Yudi helps her start a news channel and also be an aid in his political campaign. That’s not all, even after Yudi’s death she manages to create headlines by confessing rape allegations against Daisy’s father to gain sympathy and more media attention.

4. Shashank

In Dark 7 White, Shashank’s character is more than meets the eye. Right from his college days, Shashank was making sure to be connected to Yudi and his friends. These connections helped him further his law career. Moreover, after Yudi’s death, Shashank was the first person to let ACP Abhimanyu know Yudi’s true nature.

5. Dhaval

Dhaval was Yudi’s right hand since his college days. Soon, this right hand transitioned himself into Yudi’s chief security. But after devoting himself to Yudi, Dhaval witnessed his true colours and made sure to seek revenge. Hence he stayed close to Yudi gained his trust and make sure that he pays his sins.


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