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Dark 7 White: 9 Suspects In CM Yudi Murder Case; Who Could Be The Murderer?

Tanvi Dhote

November 6, 2020

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Dark 7 White is the latest ZEE5 Original that is on people’s mind. It revolves around the murder of a CM and the suspects are part of circle. Before the show premieres on November 27, 2020, let us see who are these prime suspects and why could one of them be the killer?

ZEE5 is ready with a brand new Original series to keep you hooked during this lockdown. This new series is titled Dark 7 White. It is a mystery thriller that revolves around the murder of CM Yudhveer Singh a.k.a. Yudi (Sumeet Vyas) who also belongs to a royal family and is a prince. Yudhveer had six friends in college. After his murder, these six friends and some other people are suspected to be the culprit. So who killed the CM? Let’s try to solve it below.

Yudi’s wife Daisy

Yudi’s wife Daisy could be a prime suspect in the murder of her husband. Even though in the trailer she seems to be equally shocked, she is the wife and hence had easy access to his schedule. Since she was the CM’s wife there are high chances the murder of her husband could help her start her own political career. There are also chances that she might’ve had her hidden motives. We will find out on November 24, 2020 just like you.

DCP Abhimanyu

Who will have easy access to the evidence from a crime scene, a police officer. In the case of Dark 7 White, DCP Abhimanyu who is investigating CM Singh’s murder could also be a prime suspect. In the Dark 7 White trailer, he has also Yudi during his college days. This scene could be a key evidence when it comes to investigating an old connection nobody is aware of.


Neelu has been friends with him since their first year in college. In the Dark 7 white trailer, she is demanding more efforts form Yudi. In this sneak peak, Yudi and Neelu seem to be having an affair behind closed doors. Since Neelu wants more than a fling with Yudi, she also has a motive to kill him if he has turned her down.


Greshma is also Yudi’s college friend. In the Dark 7 White trailer, the two seem to be on only friendly terms but there is a secret that is brewing beneath the surface. A secret that seems to be connected to their college life and the personal turbulences they faced back then.


Just like the other people in Yudi’s circle, Kush also seems to have his personal reasons to kill the CM. In the Dark 7 White trailer, Kush talks about filing the political void in the State after Yudi’s murder. Since he is ready to fill this void, killing Yudi might have been a part of his plan all along.


Yogesh seems to be the don of his college. When we talk about the bad boys, college fights are bound to be involved. Just like Greshma, Yogesh seems to have a personal vendetta against Yudi. It also seems to have stemmed from their college days.

Yudi’s father Shamsher Singh

Power can make anybody go down the wrong path. In Dark 7 White’s case, even Yudi’s father Shamsher Singh could be the prime suspect. In the Dark 7 White trailer, Shamsher Singh and Yudi seems to be having a tiff and this could prompt to orchestrate his son’s murder. Since sympathy vote for a grieving father could be useful in winning a ticket.


Another college friend and another mystery! Shashank also seems to have a shady past. A past that could make him a prime suspect in this story. He could be staying in touch with ACP to stay updated about the investigation and simultaneously cover his tracks.


Dhaval’s character seems to be the most mysterious in this thriller. Even though not much has been revealed about his role, Dhaval does seem to be a new confidant in Yudi’s life. Could this acquaintance drive him to murder CM Singh? Was this murder the reason he became close to Yudi or is he just a pawn in a bigger game?


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