Dark 7 White: 6 ACP Abhimanyu’s Memes That Will Make You Go ROFL!

Dark 7 White as the name suggests is a dark tale of revenge, politics and friendship. But some fans seem to have found a hilarious way to celebrate the show’s success by using ACP Abhimanyu’s famous dialogues in many relatable memes.

Tanvi Dhote

December 30, 2020

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Dark 7 White has now become one of the most popular ZEE5 Originals. Apart from its popularity, the show has also received great reviews from audience and critics alike. But like any good and popular show, fans find a way to find some comical connection even in a serious plot. No wonder, within days of the Dark 7 White premiere, Jatin Sarna a.k.a. ACP Abhimanyu’s two dialogues gave rise to hilarious memes. Take a look at these hilarious memes made by Dark 7 White fans where ACP Abhimanyu’s dialogues are killing it.


1. Maths Are Us

Mathematics has not been the easiest subject for many people in school but for ACP Abhimanyu it seems to be his favourite. No wonder, ACP’s dialogue, “Sahi toh mein bachpan se hi tha” fits perfectly in this meme.

2. IND vs AUS

The India vs Australia series went viral this year because of an impromptu proposal that took place in the stadium. But ACP Abhimanyu has a slightly different take on this all thanks to this Dark 7 White fan. ACP’s dialogue, “Sala kahi bhi dekho yahi chal raha hai” sums up the thoughts of many people watching this viral video on social media.

3. Elections everywhere

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Elections seem to be a hot topic on and off screen. ACP Abhimanyu himself is stuck in a high profile murder case involving the death of CM Yudhveer Singh. When politics shown in Dark 7 White seems so relatable of course the above-mentioned dialogue perfectly sums up the real election season.

4. Family vs Me

Dark 7 White’s ACP Abhimanyu is a level-headed and smart cop. Hence his advice is accepted by others without a second thought. But that is not the case for many of us. No wonder when our suggestion or advice is accepted we have tears of joy and we say, “I told you so”.

5. Boycott trend

In the last few months several movies, film stars, and shows have faced the #Boycott trend on social media. So much so that everyday people are demanding to boycott something. Even though ACP Abhimanyu has a tight schedule he himself seems to have noticed it.

6. Random websites

While browsing on the internet, many websites ask us to verify our age and other details. Sometimes this verification process is done in a few seconds but sometimes a second age verification pops up. ACP Abhimanyu’s killer comeback in Dark 7 White seems to be the perfect response you use next time.


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