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Dark 7 White: 5 Reasons Why ‘Among Us’ Fans Will Love This Brand New Whodunit

Tanvi Dhote

November 13, 2020

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If you are hooked to Among Us, there is another whodunit in town. ZEE5’s Original Dark 7 White is here to trouble you with a high profile murder mystery. Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons you need to add this web series to your watch list.

Among Us is the latest game that has gotten everybody hooked to their phones. This multiplayer game revolves around a game of deduction and completing specific tasks. Talking about deduction, ZEE5’s upcoming whodunit, Dark 7 White is also a tale of classic mystery solving. So if you are hooked to Among Us with all your friends, then Dark 7 White is definitely your cup of tea. Here’s why.

1. The suspects are his friends

In Dark 7 White, the CM is assassinated in broad daylight. His murder, has lead to everybody pointing fingers at everybody. Sounds familiar right? This plot line is quite similar to Among Us, since nobody can escape from being a suspect.

2. Trust issues

As you keep on playing Among Us, it is natural for you to even suspect your best friend. So when CM Yudhveer Singh is murdered, even his fiancée Daisy is a suspect. A cop named DCP Abhimanyu has trust issues about this murder. Since every person in Yudhveer’s life seems to have had shared a secret with him.

3. A specific setting

Among Us, is a multiplayer game that is set in space. But Dark 7 White has a realistic touch to it, and hence revolves in a political climate. The amount of stars you notice in space are the amount of headlines this high profile murder has created. So if you miss the outer space, do not worry as an intense political climate adds a new flavour to this upcoming show.

4. Impostors’ secret intention

In Among Us, impostors are on a mission that is well-defined. But in Dark 7 White, the real impostor is on the loose. His/her motive for Yudhveer’s murder are unknown. Was this murder committed for the sake of gaining power or is it a revenge plot? Was this murder committed by one suspect or was it a team effort?

5. Only one crewmate

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चक्रव्यू रचा जा चुका है और अभिमन्यु उसे भेदने को तैयार है। 7 Suspects aur ek complicated murder mystery! Iss sensational case ke investigating officer – ACP Abhimanyu singh kya pata laga paayenge who the f*ck killed Yudi? #Dark7White, Streaming 24th Nov 2020 on @altbalaji and @zee5shows @ektarkapoor @bcaunty #prachisrivastava @sattwikm @sumeetvyas @nidhisin @monicachaudhary_ @taniya.kalrra @kunjanand @rachitbahal @sumitsinghhofficial @mad.raid @9820260203sanjay @kunwar_shashank @shekharchoudhary_ @preyahirji @pranjalsaxena @parishrutasood @official_sphereorigins @mohinderpratap @chow_tribal @nemophilistme

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Dark 7 White has several possible impostors but only one definite crewmate. The way every Among Us game has one character who proves his innocence at MedBay, there’s one character here who’s out to find out the truth. But this crewmate is not any ordinary player, he is DCP Abhimanyu. A cop who also shares history with CM Yudhveer. So with a past connection in place how will DCP Abhimanyu make the right deduction? Well, this question will be answered on November 24, 2020.

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