Darbaan Review: Sharib Hashmi Steals The Show In This Emotional Yet Beautiful Story

Unbounded love, tons of emotions, and heartwarming moments make Darbaan a delightful watch laden with mystery.

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December 4, 2020



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When a fine piece of literature is to be adapted on-screen, it’s quite a difficult task from a filmmaker’s perspective. The little the plot changes, it can turn out to be a big mess which is why most of the mainstream filmmakers avoid recreating cinematic versions of popular literature. But Bipin Nadkarni’s brave attempt in Darbaan is completely exceptional, as he has masterfully crafted a beautiful cinematic version of Rabindranath Tagore’s short story The Child’s Return.

Darbaan is a heartwarming yet sad tale, deeply exploring human relationships. In the spotlight of the storyline we have Raicharan aka Raichu (Sharib Hashmi) a simple and cheerful man who’s employed at a well-to-do family but he’s more than just a servant to his master. Raichu and his master’s son Anukul share a great bond with each other. However, a series of events separate both of them. The film’s plot subtly essays the socio-economic gap and focuses on the visuals to do the job.

And as years pass by, a grown-up Anukul shows up at Raichu’s house, reuniting all of them back to the haveli where Raichu relives his past with Anukul’s baby boy Siddhu (the little master). Everything’s on track now, a happily-bonding-family! Well, not yet as the film shifts the narrative with its main conflict as the little master goes missing while being on an outing with Raichu who’s later accused of stealing the little one. 

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Darbaan’s standpoint is the way it explores Raichu’s character, his psychological trauma as he’s overflowed with the feeling of guilt. Definitely makes up to the list one of the finest written characters ever. The second act of the story makes up for an entertaining as well as a mysterious watch. The climax of the film is a little heartbreaking yet the best one this story could’ve ever got where the protagonist mirrors his choices and makes a heartfelt decision.

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Sharib Hashmi once again proves that he’s a true artist and deserves more central roles like the one he essays in Darbaan, he’s definitely the show-stealer here. Sharad Kelkar, Rasika Dugal, and Flora Saini have a little to play but their performances do complete justice to the act. The cinematography and direction perfectly capture the essence of a Tagore story. Bipin Nadkarni’s debut in Hindi Cinema hits the right corners of the heart, making it an emotionally-driven plot which also has comic shades to entertain the viewers.

To wrap it up altogether, Darbaan stands out as an engaging plot that explores the complex nature of human relationships, and the ending leaves you teary-eyed yet with a smile.

Darbaan is now streaming on Zee5.


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