Darbaan: How The Visuals Played A Crucial Role In Making This Bipin Nadkarni’s Movie A Compelling Watch

While all other factors including performances, storyline, direction, etc became a major highlight of Darbaan, its breathtaking visuals were also a crucial element in making this #LoveLoyaltySacrifice tale likeable.

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December 15, 2020


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There couldn’t be anything more inspiring than Darbaan to help us bid adieu to 2020. With its heartwarming story, Darbaan summed up all our emotions and left us with very important life lessons. Darbaan is easily one of the finest releases of this year. For the ones who are unaware of Rabindranath Tagore’s literary work, Darbaan will help you understand its sheer brilliance.

Bipin Nadkarni’s film is a beautiful blend of great performances, an engaging story, and a lot of heartfelt moments. The film was appreciated by critics and audience alike. And while these factors are an essential part of every narrative, the film’s visuals are an equally crucial element. Even in Darbaan, its breathtaking visuals are more like a soul of the story. So here’s taking a look at how visuals played an important role in making Darbaan a beautiful watch.

An Emotional Experience

A still from Darbaan
Source: Zee5

In Darbaan if you view the film carefully and observe the shades being used in each and every frame, you will notice the difference and it is directly related to the moment of the story. For instance, the scenes at the beginning essaying Raicharan and young Anukul’s bond are shown in bright shades, while those essaying Raichu’s emotions and guilt are portrayed through earthy colours. It’s a small yet significant detailing.

From the books of History

A still from Darbaan
Source: Zee5

Since Darbaan is set in the post-independence era, the events such as the nationalization of coal mines needed to be on point. The use of real locations and antiques added a perfect element to the story. Although there were scenes with special effects in it, most of the visuals were natural.

Overall, Darbaan has redefined the importance of visual storytelling and has explained how colours can play a significant role in the narration.

Darbaan is now streaming on ZEE5.

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