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Darbaan: How Guilt Builds Raicharan As A Great Character In This Heartwarming Story Starring Sharad Kelkar

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December 29, 2020

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Darbaan beautifully captures Raicharan’s emotional journey and we believe that unknowingly guilt becomes the central theme of Tagore’s story

There are various elements that build a character parallelly with the storyline itself, and by the climax of the story, we have a completely transformed protagonist ready to take over the final act of the film. In a similar instance, Bipin Nadkarni’s debut Hindi film Darbaan builds all its characters so efficiently that it gives the story a motive and hence the film seems to be a great watch for the fans of the modern age storytelling.

Among all the characters, Raicharan is in the spotlight of this story and we see him getting evolved through different roles such as a loyal servant, a genuine friend, a caring husband, and also a doting father. But at the crux of Darbaan is Raicharan’s guilt which drives the story further and provides the viewers with a spine-chilling experience which they never expect from this seemingly heartwarming story. As the story shifts its narrative, Raichu’s character evolves psychologically.

Little Master’s Death

A still from Darbaan
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The main conflict of Darbaan arises when Anukul’s son Siddhu dies or either goes missing in the care of Raicharan. Here we need to be aware of Raichu’s background. He spent his entire youth starting from the age of twelve, being a caretaker for Anukul and later for his son. In a way, he was emotionally bonded to both father and the son. Further, as a caretaker of the little master, Raicharan internalized all the blame for the child’s disappearance. The death of a child is the toughest loss to bear, and that was the beginning of guilt taking over Raichu’s character.

The Heartfelt Mystery

A still from Darbaan
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As the story paces further, Raicharan’s wife delivers a boy at an elderly age. Raicharan, being as simple as he was, took it as a sign of the divine rebirth of the dead child (The Little Master). He began raising this child as if he belonged to Anukul’s house. And while everything was back on track, once again Raichu’s past confronts him and he ends up giving his own son to Anukul.

To take the story to a proper conclusion, he takes the blame for stealing Anukul’s son. Therefore apart from the loss of Anukul’s son, Raicharan ends up losing his own son too, all due to the guilt overtaking his mind. 

And at the end, Raicharan evolves as the strongest character in Darbaan.

Darbaan is now streaming on Zee5.

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