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Dance Bangla Dance Season 11: Ankush shares his experience as a host and how it is different from being a judge

Debanjali Kabiraj

May 27, 2021

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Check out Ankush’s experience as a host in this season and how he thinks his role is very different from his previous role as a judge.

Zee Bangla’s popular dance reality show, Dance Bangla Dance is back with the 11th season and the audience is pumped up to see mesmerising performances and to cheer for their favourite participants. The judges for this season are Subhashree Ganguly, Govinda, and Jeet and the show will be hosted by actors Ankush and Vikram Chatterjee. Ankush and Rimjhim Mitra discussed many aspects of the upcoming season and Ankush revealed his experience as a judge and an anchor.

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Ankush- a host now, a judge earlier

Ankush has been a part of Dance Bangla Dance for quite some time now. He has previously judged two seasons of Dance Bangla Dance Junior, but this year, he will be seen hosting season 11 of Dance Bangla Dance. Ankush revealed that he finds it more relaxing to work as a host. As a host, he is supposed to befriend the contestants and boost up their energy in times of need but as a judge, he was expected to be strict and had to scold the contestants when they continuously made the same mistakes. Ankush also said that as a judge he had to refrain from dancing whenever he wanted because his position demanded him to do so, but as a host, he will have the freedom to break into an impromptu dance anytime he wants to.

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Vikram Chatterjee will be co-hosting Season 10 of Dance Bangla Dance along with Ankush. Ankush revealed that he was extremely happy to have Vikram as his co-host as he is one of his best friends. Ankush said that as an anchor, it is very important for him to interact with his partner and for the interaction to look believable, their chemistry had to be perfect. With Vikram being one of his best friends, he does not have to worry about their bonding on stage. He also praised Govinda for being a sport and letting the anchors keep up the fun in the show by pulling his leg.

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A new structure in play!

It was also revealed that this time, the competition will be structured in a different way. There will be two teams among which the contestants can choose from. Each team will have two mentors and these mentors will guide their respective teams throughout the competition. The mentors for the two teams are Rimjhim Mitra, Soumili Ghosh, Devlina Kumar, and Om.

Ankush and Rimjhim said that they enjoyed the new concept as it added an element of fun to the competition. Watch Jamuna Dhaki and other shows only on ZEE5.

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