Daawat-e-Biryani: A delicious concoction of love and biryani to feast on, this romance season

Discover the various forms that love exists in and its intricacies with the slight touch of yummy biryani, this Valentine’s Day!

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

February 7, 2021


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The season of love this year has arrived with the commencement of February. For every person around us, love may come in various sorts of shapes and for others, it may hold different meanings. The ZEE5 Original film, Daawat-e-Biryani is the perfect representation of just that. So, as we move closer to the Valentine’s Day, we suggest you cosy up on the couch with some yummy food and your loved one to watch this delightful film.

Watch the trailer of Daawat-e-Biryani here:

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Daawat-e-Biryani is a 2019 drama-cookery film which follows the adventures of Panchali when she sets off to rediscover her grandmother’s special biryani recipe. In the process, she comes across the love story of Afreen, her grandmother, and Ronojoy, her grandfather, in the city of Lucknow, where they once eloped from. Along with it, Panchali also comes across several interesting aspects from her grandmother’s family and her past. The film beautifully ties together the essence of one’s love for food and the strength of love in various types of relationships. Daawat-e-Biryani incorporates the importance of one’s past with their present and how certain bits and pieces of life tend to string together the two times.

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Panchali arrives in Lucknow, the city of Nawabs, to get in touch with her grandmother’s roots and origins from her past there. When Panchali’s grandfather, Ronojoy falls sick, he asks Afreen, Panchali’s grandmother, to make him one specific biryani recipe. However, the challenge lies in Afreen failing to recollect where the recipe book was. The specialty of the story of Daawat-e-Biryani lies in how a grandchild sets off on such a fascinating journey to fulfil the wishes of her grandparents. Love truly comes in all forms, and Panchali’s efforts proved it. What happens later is a joyful turnout of events that Panchali and her family rejoice over merrily.

Source: ZEE5

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Directed by Aditi Roy, Daawat-e-Biryani is a marvellous story of love and food which stars several popular Indian actors in prominent roles. While Sauraseni Maitra plays the lead role of Panchali Rehman, we see Suhasini Mulay play the role of her grandmother, Afreen. Jayant Kripalani stars as Afreen’s present-day aged brother while Chiranjeet Chakraborty is seen as Ronojoy, Afreen’s husband and Panchali’s grandfather. With a cast of talented actors and an immensely mesmerising story based in the 1970s, the film makes for a true must-watch on this V-day for all the lovers and food enthusiasts.

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