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Daar Ughad Baye 23 August 2023 Written Update: Kashi disguised as Raosaheb visits the Nagarkars

Akshada Bhatkar

September 7, 2023

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Enraged on learning the truth, Renuka takes Mukta’s side. Ambika and Dutta realise that their act has been exposed. As Renuka gets ready to oust the duo, Kashi, disguised as Raosaheb, arrives there.

In the previous episode of Daar Ughad Baye, Aarya tries to stop the Nagarkars from welcoming Mukta into the house. However, Vaijayanti warns her. Mukta receives a warm welcome in the house. Gayatri gets worried about a phone call she receives.

In the latest episode of Daar Ughad Baye, Chandrakala commends Mukta, while Jaya also shares her joy at Mukta’s return home. Jaya adds that it’s fortunate Mukta’s parents weren’t home during her welcome, or else there might have been unnecessary drama. In contrast, Vaijayanti taunts Madhavi. Amidst the praise for Mukta, Renuka arrives home, visibly upset. She directs her fury at Vaijayanti, Chandrakala, and Sarang for accepting Mukta. Madhavi sides with Renuka, prompting criticism from Bhaushaeb. Renuka demands Mukta to leave the house, even as Vaijayanti reveals Raosaheb’s decision, which shocks everyone. Learning of Raosaheb’s action, the household is taken aback. After comprehending the situation, Renuka regrets her actions and apologizes to Mukta.
Meanwhile, Ambika and Dutta’s engagement takes place amidst Mukta’s return. They rejoice, believing Renuka supports them. However, Ambika’s attempt to manipulate Renuka backfires when Renuka responds unexpectedly. Ambika is further startled when Vaijayanti informs her that Raosaheb has disclosed her plan. Dutta contacts Kashi, revealing their exposure in the house, and instructs him to be cautious about their next plan. Sarang decides to expel Ambika and Dutta from the house, along with those who support them. While Vaijayanti hesitates to remove Ambika due to her values, Renuka and Sarang firmly oust Ambika from the house. Simultaneously, Kashi, disguised as Raosaheb, arrives, bringing immense joy to everyone. However, during a conversation with Mukta, Kashi realizes that she is Ambika’s adversary. Kashi keenly observes everyone and identifies them. Vaijayanti grows suspicious and questions him, but Kashi adeptly handles the situation. Shockingly, Kashi declines to expel Ambika from the house, claiming that Ambika and Dutta saved him and facilitated his return. When Sarang queries Raosaheb, he fabricates a response, leaving everyone bewildered.

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