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Daar Ughad Baye 16 June 2023 Written Update: Mukta learns about Renuka’s condition

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June 17, 2023

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Aatmaram gives Bhakti’s wedding invite to the Nagarkars. Sarang threatens Arya as she badmouths Mukta. Ved’s mother tells Mukta about Renuka’s condition. Vishwasrao complains to Raosaheb about Renuka.

In the previous episode of Daar Ughad Baye, Renuka shares her plan with Ved. Sarang asks Atmaram to give Bhakti’s wedding card to the Nagarkars without hesitation. After her ‘Grih Pravesh’, Renuka puts forth a condition to the Deshmukhs’.

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In the latest episode of Daar Ughad Baye, Raosaheb and Bhausaheb admire Jaya’s impressive business skills. Encouraged by their praise, Jaya asks Raosaheb if she can start her own business. However, Raosaheb declines, stating that she needs to gain more knowledge about business. He assures Jaya that when he believes she is ready, he will personally give her permission to start her venture. Meanwhile, Atmaram arrives and sits on the floor. However, Vaijayanti and Bhausaheb insist that Atmaram should sit on the couch. Yuvraj, on the other hand, mocks Atmaram, leaving Raosaheb infuriated. Vaijayanti gives a fitting reply to Yuvraj’s taunts. Atmaram then extends an invitation to the Nagarkars for Bhakti’s wedding. In a taunting manner, Madhavi questions if Atmaram needs money for the wedding, while Yuvraj suggests giving him 50,000 INR. This angers Raosaheb and he expresses his faith in Atmaram. Atmaram also shares his wish to invite the Deshmukhs to the wedding, but Raosaheb advises against it. However, he assures Atmaram that the Nagarkars will happily attend the ceremony. Mukta is pleasantly surprised to see Sarang dressed in Atmaram’s attire and compliments him. Just as Mukta’s phone rings, Sarang answers the call, leading to Janaki’s desire to speak with Mukta. Janaki enquires about the teachings Mukta has imparted to Renuka and wonders if Mukta is seeking revenge through Renuka’s actions. Mukta responds kindly to Janaki, defending herself against the accusation. Vishwasrao informs Mukta that Renuka did not return home with them and instead used public transportation. Mukta becomes concerned about hearing this. Despite Janaki’s invitation for Mukta to come home and talk to Renuka, Mukta explains her commitment to Bhakti’s wedding. Janaki shares her perception of Mukta as an innocent girl despite her being poor. Meanwhile, Aarya comes across Sarang working on the farm and surprises him. Sarang is taken aback and questions her presence. Aarya confesses her love for him, but Sarang dismisses her and asks her to leave. This angers Aarya, and she threatens Sarang, who gives her a fitting reply. Mukta and Kusum express their feelings for Bhakti in her presence. Mukta offers valuable advice to Bhakti, and they both share a light-hearted moment before resting on their mother’s lap. Later, Kanta excitedly informs Bhairu that his marriage is only two days away. Bhairu urges Kanta to calm down and not be overly excited. He appreciates Kanta’s plan to get Bhakti. Meanwhile, Renuka intentionally causes trouble for the Deshmukhs. She expresses her desire to have continental food and announces her plans to go clubbing. Ved’s aunt questions Renuka, who then reveals how Janaki and Vishwasrao mistreated Mukta and drove her out of the house. Renuka informs Janaki that she intends to enjoy continental cuisine and go clubbing. Vishwasrao calls Raosaheb and informs him about Renuka’s desire to visit clubs. Raosaheb discusses with Vaijayanti how Renuka is teaching her in-laws a lesson.

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