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Daar Ughad Baye 04 March 2023 Written Update: Sarang informs Raosaheb about Aarya


March 15, 2023

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Raosaheb gets irked with Madhavi due to Ambika’s complaint. Mesmerised on seeing a blushing Mukta, Sarang gives her a gift. Later, he informs Raosaheb that Aarya has arrived where they are staying.

In the previous episode of Daar Ughad Baye, Sarang is mesmerised to see Mukta. While Mukta smells some conspiracy, she learns that Aarya is following her. Later, she recollects a childhood memory when she contemplates telling it to Sarang.

In the latest episode of Daar Ughad Baye, Sarang and Mukta are taken aback as they go into their beautifully decorated hotel room. They praise Balu and his wife for decorating their room. Sarang praises Mukta for agreeing to accompany him on their honeymoon. Ambika goes to Raosaheb and complains about Madhavi. She tells him about Madhavi’s statements. Ambika is overjoyed when she hears Raosaheb’s remarks regarding Madhavi and Bhausaheb. Mukta feels embarrassed by Sarang’s demand. While Balu and his wife prepare dinner for Mukta and Sarang, Arya arrives. Arya requests a room at Balu’s hotel, but he refuses, claiming that he has already rented out his room to a couple. Nevertheless, Arya emotionally blackmails Balu and his wife. As a result, Balu’s wife asks Arya to stay at her house.

Soon after, Raosaheb summons everyone to his room to question them. He insults Madhavi in front of everyone for speaking brutally to everyone. When Raosaheb chastises Madhavi, Vaijayanti tries to convince him. Raosaheb, on the other hand, instructs Bhausaheb to give Madhavi a lesson. While Madhavi questions Raosaheb, he grows furious. Vaijayanti and Chandrakala calm Raosaheb down. Mukta and Sarang share some sweet moments. Sarang gifts Mukta a unique ‘Mangalsutra’, leaving her delighted. Then, Mukta expresses her regret over not being capable of giving Sarang a gift. While Sarang asks Mukta for a sweet gift, someone knocks on their door. Sarang and Mukta are surprised to find Arya at the door. Arya pretends to be surprised to meet Sarang and Mukta. She begins mocking Mukta in front of Sarang. Sarang becomes enraged at Arya. As a result, Mukta suggests an idea. Sarang immediately calls Raosaheb and informs him of Arya’s presence at their hotel. Raosaheb pretends to be shocked on hearing this. He tells Raosaheb that he and Mukta are planning to leave due to Arya.

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