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Daar Ughad Baye 02 March 2023 Written Update: Arya gets furious as her plan fails


March 9, 2023

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Mukta speculates Raosaheb’s next move. Arya gets irked as her plan fails. Aatmaram worries about Sarang and Mukta. Sarang grows anxious as Mukta doesn’t return for a long time when she goes to change.

In the previous episode of Daar Ughad Baye, Ambika gets enraged after hearing Madhavi’s taunt. Sarang and Mukta escape from an accident. Ambika calms Madhavi’s anger. A person pulls Mukta’s leg when she is in the river with Sarang.

In the latest episode of Daar Ughad Baye, while Mukta and Sarang enjoy playing with the water in the river, Arya spies on them. Suddenly, a man arrives and starts pulling Mukta’s leg into the water. On seeing this, Arya gets delighted, while Sarang is worried. He shouts for help but no one appears. Meanwhile, Arya calls Renuka and tells her about Mukta. Mukta drowns in the water and Sarang goes to save her. This leaves Arya irked. Renuka and Raosaheb wait for Arya’s call. Sarang saves Mukta and Arya calls Renuka to inform her about it. On learning that Mukta is alive, Rasaheb and Renuka get irked. But later Raosaheb makes a decision. When Sarang questions Mukta, she realises that someone pulled her leg into the water. She also realises that someone is following her. But she avoids telling Sarang about it.

Soon after, Madhavi tells Ambika that they should’ve told Raosaheb about their plan for the wedding. While Madhavi and Ambika talk about their plan, Vaijayanti and Chandrakala arrive, leaving them shocked. Mukta gets shocked when she opens her bag of clothes. Sarang tells Mukta that he exchanged her sarees for western clothes. As Mukta refuses to wear western clothes, Sarang gets upset. As a result, Mukta agrees to wear western clothes. Chandrakala questions Madhavi and Ambika. Just as Madhavi is about to spill the beans, Ambika manages the situation by lying to Chandrakala. Madhavi gets irked by Chandrakala’s words and leaves. Atmaram gets worried about Mukta. As a result, Kusum asks him to call Mukta and ask her if she is fine. But Mukta does not answer Atmaram’s call. As Sarang also does not answer Atmaram’s call, everyone gets worried. Ambika tries to convince Madhavi, but Madhavi asks her to leave the house. On hearing this, Ambika gets enraged and warns Madhavi. However, a furious Madhavi talks about Yuvraj’s efforts for Raosaheb. Renuka calls Arya and asks her to play smartly. Meanwhile, Sarang searches for Mukta. Atmaram worries about Mukta and expresses his suspicion about Raosaheb. Later, Sarang sees Mukta in a western dress and gets mesmerised.

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