Cricket News: Pakistani Cricket Team Captain Accused Of Physical And Mental Abuse

Pakistani cricket team captain Babar Azam is facing some serious charges. The Pakistani skipper allegedly physically and mentally abused his childhood friend and live-in partner Hamiza Mukhatar.

Tanvi Dhote

December 7, 2020

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Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam has been charged for alleged physical and mental abuse. The all-three format captain is facing charges from Hamiza Mukhatar.  According to Mukhatar, Babar Azam was her classmate and they even lived in the same colony. Find out more details about this story below.

Pakistan cricket player Babar Azam is making headlines again. However, this time it is not for his game but due to some legal issues. A Pakistani lady named Hamiza Mukhatar has filed a case against the Pakistani cricket team skipper Babar Azam. According to Hamiza, Azam and she grew up in the same colony and they even went to the same school.

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Since both Babar and she grew up together they became friends, said Hamiza. Hamiza further revealed that in 2010 Babar Azam proposed to her at her house. But Hamiza’s family was reportedly against this union. According to Hamiza Mukhatar, she and the Pakistani skipper started living together in 2011. She further revealed that after being accepted in the Pakistani cricket team, his behaviour completely changed.

She also added that in 2016, she was pregnant and when she informed Babar about the same he physically and mentally abused her. According to Hamiza, Babar and his friends forced her to abort the baby. In 2017, Hamiza Mukhatar logged a police complaint against the Pakistani Cricket captain. After lodging the complaint, Hamiza was pressurised to resolve the issue.

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In 2020, Hamiza even turned down his proposal. According to Mukhatar, over the years Babar Azam got physically violent with her on several occasions. After being accused on such serious grounds, Pakistani Cricket team captain Babar Azam is yet to issue a formal statement.

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