Crashh: See These Character Promos Of Aditi Sharma, Anushka Sen And Rest Of The Cast

Here are character promos of Anushka Sen, Aditi Sharma, Zain Imam, Rohan Mehra and Kunj Anand from Crashh.

Vatsal Thakore

February 12, 2021


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Crashh is the upcoming drama series on ZEE5, starring Kunj Anand, Aditi Sharma, Rohan Mehra, Anushka Sen, and Zain Imam in the lead roles. Crashh on ZEE5 is about the story of four siblings who get separated in childhood and get adopted into different families. It portrays their journey of finding each other after growing up. Here is a brief look at the four siblings.


Kajal – Aditi Sharma


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Kajal in Crashh, is the eldest sister, and the second child of the family. She has been adopted by a woman who has been diagnosed with clinical depression. Kajal still remembers the events of her childhood that led to her separation from her siblings and those memories haunt her every day. This fact also harshly affects her life and her relationship with her mother.

Rahim – Rohan Mehra


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Rahim is one of the twins among the four siblings. He got adopted by a family who lives in a slum area and is constantly scolded and subjected to disdain in his home. He is an aspiring dancer, a star of the streets, who is highly influenced by Gully Boy. He works as a driver for Alia, who is his estranged twin.

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Alia – Anushka Sen


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Alia is Rahim’s twin, who got adopted into a rich and well-to-do family. She is a happy-go-lucky girl, who is a social media influencer and well-known among the youth. She considers Rahim her brother, not knowing the real relationship they share.

Kabir – Kunj Anand


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Kabir is the eldest of the four. He never got adopted after the accident which separated the siblings in their childhood. He grew up and became a cop, aiming to find his siblings. He, like Kajal, has clear memories of the separation and never loses hope of getting to meet his siblings once again. Finding his lost brothers and sisters is the biggest case for him.

Rishabh – Zain Imam

Dr Rishabh Sachdeva is a person who crosses path with the siblings and has an unknown part in their journey of finding each other. Rishabh is someone who likes being alone and does not like talking much. He is a surgeon by profession and has a charming personality, that can make one trust him easily. Rishabh likes to stay away from reality but fails to do so. What’s Rishabh’s story and his role in the saga of the siblings is a mystery that will unravel after the show’s premiere.

Crashh will release on ZEE5 on 14 February.

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