COVID news: Maharashtra government may consider strict actions as Mumbai sees a sudden spike in COVID-19 cases

According to data released by the Maharashtra government, the state has reported 3,365 fresh COVID-19 cases and 23 deaths.

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February 17, 2021

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The state of Maharashtra has seen a sudden spurt in COVID-19 cases. In the last 24 hours, 3365 fresh cases of the coronavirus have been reported. Mumbai has recorded 49 new cases, while 23 people have died in Maharashtra due to the virus infection. However, a fresh lockdown seems unlikely.

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With the Maharashtra government all set to open educational institutions, a fresh spike in COVID-19 cases has scared the public. A fresh lockdown imposition seems unlikely as the government is monitoring the situation. However, Maharashtra deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar has noted that the government might have to resort to some harsh decisions to make people follow the safety protocols. The minister believes that the people have stopped respecting the guidelines.

According to data released by the government on Monday, the state reported 3,365 new cases, 23 deaths, and 3,105 recoveries. In total, Maharashtra’s tally of cases reportedly reached 2,067,643 cases, 51,552 deaths, and 1,978,708 recoveries, making it the worst affected state in the country. This was the sixth consecutive day that the number of cases reported was above 3,000. The situation is alarming for the officials who believed the graph had finally begun to come down last month.

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According to state officials, resumption of local train services for the general public, and increased communication in groups, are some of the major factors that have led to the rise in cases. However, shutting down the transport services again is not being considered. The government is asking the general public to comply with the COVID appropriate behaviour as the lack of the same is seen around the state.

The increase in the Cpublic movement since the state government’s removal of restrictions on various activities is also being considered a major reason. Opening of dine-in restaurants and waiving of restrictions for shops operating till 1 am are some of the decisions the government took once the COVID-19 graph had begun to come down.

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