COVID Cases Surge During Bihar Elections

Data shows a rise in cases during the recently concluded Bihar legislative polls, as many people across rallies could be seen flouting COVID-19 safety guidelines

Raghav N

November 13, 2020

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Bihar became the first state to go into polling during the Coronavirus pandemic. The three phase elections in India’s third most populated state took place between 28 October and 10 November. Despite strict COVID19 guidelines for the political rallies, polling booths and other gatherings issued by the Election Commission of India, data shows a steady rise in the infections in the last fortnight.

At the time of the announcement of the voting dates, there were 1.74 lakh confirmed cases of Corona, while 1.6 lakh people had recovered from the virus. On 28 October, the date set for the first phase of voting, the numbers rose to 2.13 lakh infections and 2.03 lakh recoveries. By Phase two on 3 November, COVID cases were up to 2.17 lakh, while 2.09 patients had recuperated from the contagion. On 7 November, the last leg of the polls, the state had recorded 2.2 lakh cases and treated 2.12 lakh of its infected citizens. Lastly, on the result day on November 10, while 2.22 lakh positive patients were logged in by this time, 2.15 lakh individuals were negative and free from the virus.

The trend shows that many of those who attended the rallies and the general population had possibly breached protocols of wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and frequently sanitising themselves and their surroundings.

The Nitish Kumar government has consistently spoken about its successful efforts of fighting the lethal virus. However, it is ultimately for the public to follow the rules to ensure a steady drop and the subsequent end of the health crisis.

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