COVID-19 Ward In Mumbai Lights Up As Patients And Doctors Celebrate Navratri

This COVID-19 ward in Mumbai celebrated Navratri in pandemic style. Doctors and patients celebrated the festival while maintaining all the regulations.

Tanvi Dhote

October 20, 2020

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This COVID-19 ward from Mumbai was seen celebrating the Navratri in pandemic style. A video from a COVID-19 facility has gone viral on social media. In this video, several patients and doctors were seen dancing and performing Garba in the spirit of Navratri.

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has affected our country since February. So to curb the spread of the virus, many restrictions were imposed and a subsequent lock-down was imposed. But now many of these restrictions have been eased. The lock-down has also ended in several parts of the country with some restrictions still being in place.

Even though the number in COVID-19 positive cases have decreased, new cases are being reported every day. Hence many COVID-19 centres are still active in cities across the country. Even though public gatherings have been cancelled, many people are uniquely celebrating this festival.

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A video from Mumbai’s COVID-19 centre has gone viral. In this video, many patients from the award are dancing to music. These patients are also joined by doctors in PPE kits. These patients and their doctors are not only grooving to the music but also performing Garba. This dance, as shown in the video, has lightened up the mood in the COVID-19 ward.

While many patients and doctors danced, me people are enjoying the little dance put up in the ward. Many patients are also seen watching the dance while relaxing. Even though the patients and doctors are dancing, they have maintained social distance protocols. Everybody is at least maintaining an arm’s distance from each other and everybody is wearing a mask.

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Moving on, the research for a COVID-19 vaccine is still under research across the globe. Even though the restrictions have been eased the government is still warning people to adhere to the guidelines that have been followed for the past few months. Hence wearing a mask and maintaining social distance is expected in many public places. Navratri is an important festival for the Gujarati community across the country. The festival usually witnesses a huge gathering in many cities and towns. But this time all Navratri events have been cancelled due to the pandemic.

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