COVID-19 Vaccine Developed By China Could Be Ready By November

Country has four vaccines in the final stage of clinical trials.

Sohil Nikam

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Even as the world awaits results from various COVID-19 vaccines that are in different stages of testing, China has gone ahead and said that one of its vaccines could be ready for use by the general public this November. The claim has been made by Wu Guizhen, the Head of Biosafety at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The country currently has four coronavirus vaccines in the final stages of clinical trials and at least three among those have already been administered to essential workers under an emergency use program launched in July.

China happens to be the world’s largest producer of vaccines and accounts for nine of the 30 vaccines currently undergoing human trials across the world. It was only last week, that the University of Hong Kong, working with mainland Chinese researchers, said that a nasal spray vaccine was entering clinical trials. There are several other vaccines in the final stages of their trials across the world, so it remains to be seen which one proves effective first.

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