COVID-19: Lucknow University Develops ‘Superman’ Thermal-Scanning Robot

The robot has been placed at the entry point for issuing entry tokens, and is equipped to take phone numbers in case contact tracing is required.

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July 17, 2020

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Students from Lucknow’s Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University have developed a “Superman” robot for countering COVID-19 that performs thermal scans of people and decides whether or not to issue entry tokens to them. The robot has been equipped with a thermal scanner and advanced software that helps it decide whether a person’s temperature is optimal enough to be given an entry token. It also asks people for their phone numbers just in case contact tracking is needed. If their temperature is within limits, a token is quickly printed by the robot.

This robot will run thermal scans on whoever enters the university, or any other business that decides to employ it. The robot can be placed in shopping malls, railway stations, and bus stations. Right now, it is people who are doing thermal scanning checks on other people. A number of them have contracted COVID-19 due to that method, which is the main reason why the robot has been invented by the students. The cost incurred in order to build the robot was around Rs 80,000.

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