COVID-19: Kanpur People Assemble Defying Social Distancing

Uttar Pradesh Police lathi-charged the crowds who gathered in large numbers during the Coronavirus pandemic, creating a ruckus on the streets.

Jessica David

August 26, 2020

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A major chunk of people, who tested positive for the Coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur, in the last two weeks, had one thing in common-they were frequent visitors to roadside paan, chaat, tea stalls and vegetable vendors. These people assembled around the vendors did not wear masks and also didn’t bother about social distancing. Besides, spitting on the roads and vegetables kept in the open also aided the spread of COVID-19 infection. These facts emerged in the contact tracing by the health department here. On the basis of inputs given by people about their outings, authorities stationed teams to monitor vendors selling gol-gappas, pakoras, tea and vegetables.

People gathering at such places neither wore masks nor maintained social distancing said a senior official of CMO’s core team. “After random sampling, a vendor and two others tested positive,” he said citing an example of a big paan shop in Swaroop Nagar. Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr AK Mishra said many such vendors tested positive in random sampling by the teams in Kanpur. He wrote to the Kanpur Municipal Corporation (KMC), Food Safety and Drug Authority (FSDA) and DIG/SSP to take effective measures to check the spread of infection.

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