COVID-19: Emirates To Offer Four Months Of Unpaid Leave To Its Employees

As a cost-cutting measure, the Dubai state-owned airline will offer four months of unpaid leave to its pilots and cabin crew members.

Neel Raju Nalawade

July 24, 2020

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According to recent news reports, Emirates has taken a bold step in cutting the costs of the company. It has decided to offer some pilots and cabin crew members up to four months of unpaid leave. The Dubai state-owned airline and flag carrier is finding it difficult to sustain in the pandemic situation. Reports also claim that Emirates is facing a huge cash crunch, and hence, has taken this step.

The pilots and cabin crew members who will be off duty for four months shall receive benefits like company-provided accommodation. Currently, Emirates is operating with limited flights due to border restrictions imposed around the world.  The airline is planning to fly to 62 destinations in the month of August as compared to 157 destinations prior to the pandemic.

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