COVID-19: Wuhan Recovers From Pandemic, Life Returns To Normalcy

Wuhan’s recovery after a 76-day lockdown that was lifted in April has brought life back onto its streets

Jessica David

August 12, 2020

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After months of fighting against COVID-19, normalcy has finally returned to Wuhan – ground zero for Coronavirus cases. The city is springing back to life as the younger population is back in the clubs, artists have a stage to perform on, and music festivals are thriving. Barely a few months ago, this city in the heart of China resembled a ghost town as it was the first metropolis to have been put under a lockdown. The first case of Coronavirus was reported in Wuhan in December 2019.

Today, life has resumed on the streets of the city. There are long queues at breakfast stands and people are eager to forget the horror that the initial weeks of the global pandemic brought. “I’m not worried that the virus will come back. The virus has all been killed by our doctors,” said a resident of Wuhan. Safety suits and goggles, which were once a norm, have been displayed at an epidemic related exhibition. Visitors are also taking a chance at tourist hotspots like Yellow Crane Tower and East Lake.

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