Coronavirus: UK proposes COVID-19 passports as a safe way out of lockdown

The UK government plans to trial the COVID-19 passports at comedy clubs and football matches over the coming weeks as they plan to reopen.

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April 6, 2021

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Britain is all set to try out a series of measures to ensure a safe return of sports matches, events, and nightclubs. The government is all set to issue COVID-19 passports, which would show if a person has been vaccinated against coronavirus. The  UK government plans to try these passes at the upcoming events at a few comedy clubs and football matches. According to the officials, this pass will allow a proper and smooth reopening for the country.

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Britain is on the verge of reopening public events. The officials believe that the vaccination-declaration passports will make it easier for people to move around. Based on the system, a person with a COVID-19 passport will be allowed to return to theatres, football matches, and other social gatherings where a crowd is expected. While the UK is effectively set to trial the passes, several other countries are considering the same. as they believe that a COVID-19 status verification method will ensure a quicker way for individuals to attend events or even board flights.

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As of now, the UK pilot, which will be presented to the public by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday will test the effectiveness of the plan. The reopening is set for April 16 at Liverpool’s Hot Water Comedy Club, while the World Snooker Championship at Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre, and the FA Cup Semi-Final at Wembley Stadium in London, are some other major events that will be included in the pilot program. Although many are in support of the trial, many have raised confirm that the system would curb people’s freedom and risk discrimination.

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Meanwhile, International travel from the UK remains banned until May 17. After this date, the government will allow people based on the “traffic light” system they have decided to implement. According to this system, flyers from “green” countries will not need an isolation period unlike travellers from “red” or “amber” countries, who will be asked to remain in quarantine.

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